With their annual Christmas in July celebration set for next weekend, the folks at Marathon’s Brass Monkey are once again planning to open their doors to the community, serve free food, and hold an irreverent party to reward their loyal patrons.

Beverages and fun at the Monkey are as traditional as putting up storm shutters, Dion’s fried chicken or sunburn, and locals never really become “locals” until they enjoy a set by Freddy, Rich, and Scottie while sipping on an icy drink.

Top 10 reasons to celebrate Christmas in July at the Brass Monkey
10. What happens at the Monkey stays at the Monkey (or until you remember)

9. A totally free scrumptious midnight buffet.

8. Christmas is a great warm-up to New Year’s in July!

7. The chance to hear Freddie Bye, Rich Storm, and Scottie Too Hottie perform a stirring rendition of Auld Langsyne.

6. It’s not for charity!

5. The party has become so popular that the Tourist Development Council is considering funding it.

4. Festive holiday undergarments (you’ll have to be there to understand). 

3. There will be no political candidates there. 

2. A champagne toast and other great drink specials will be readily available from the five full-time bartenders you’ve come to know and love.

And the number one reason to go to the New Year’s in July at the Brass Monkey:

1. ‘Cause Winn-Dixie decided to listen to the community…Long live The Monkey!

Photo: Monkey
Christmas in the July at the Brass Monkey is a magical night for Marathon. “I get to put up decorations, and I love that as much as seeing everyone have a great time,” said Monkey Package Store Clerk, J.J. Starr, pictured in the Monkey’s lavish lavatories.



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