“They’re called lucky shoes. I call them lucky shoes ‘cause I get lucky when I wear them. They add three inches to your height. I wear them to the club. Brings me up to 6’1 ½” and I’m 5’10 ½”. When I wear them out, people are like, ‘you look taller.’”

Some sound bites are so scandalous we couldn’t script them in a more spectacular fashion. The senior fine art consultant at De Rubeis Fine Art Gallery, Shane Casio couldn’t help but notice my new Danskos, and divulged to me how the shoe got him noticed.

“I remember the date like it was yesterday. I take my shoes off and she’s like, ‘put them back on.’ They’re very effective. I wear them everywhere. They’re my favorite shoes. If you were a girl would you be asking me out? They’re successful, he (his colleague Doug)’s laughing but it’s true!”

We’re all rolling over in front of Gallery window, and Casio whips out a tape measure in 60 seconds flat. “67”,” he states.

I slip off the Professional Pull-Up I’d picked up in Indigo and drop to a mere 64” while Casio chatters about his color choices.

“I have every color they come in. Burgundy. Black. I’ve got brown. I’ve got auburn. I’ve got green, like, a teal. I’ve got blue. I’ve got every color they make. I got two pairs in Senora, California, one in Napa, the rest in Vegas. Then, I went online. Then I found there’s a place in Key West who has them. Yeah. He’s my neighbor.”

The Sole Man!

Owner John Brandolino knows toes and arches like Ron Saunders knows the Keys and Tallahassee, and saw a need for service industry shoes.

Stylish. Service industry shoes.

“All of the hairdressers, bartenders, waiters, waitresses, chefs, I look at their feet and they’re not wearing comfortable footwear.”

Joanne Chuba, purchasing agent for Duffy’s Steak and Lobster House spent years on the floor. All she wears are comfortable shoes. We showed off the Professional Pull-Up to her and immediately received thumbs up for fashion.

“They’re clogs! They look nice on you. I know the importance of happy feet,” she slips off her sandal and sticks her foot in a Dansko. “They’re ‘happy feet shoes.’”

A couple of Duffy’s waitresses didn’t like the heel design, and felt they were a slippery. Brandolino says our sub-tropic locale hasn’t put Dansko on the map— yet. Tourists, teachers, nurses from the north know Dansko and ask for the shoe by name. He’s created an entire wall in his store showcasing 22 styles and colors.

“Our island is full of people on their feet all day. This is the shoe to wear. If you look at Top Chef, most of them are wearing Danskos. Grey’s Anatomy, Danskos. There is a comfortable shoe they can wear to work. I think they have a hip, educated, smart look and the treatment of leathers is beautiful.”

There’s only one drawback, according to Casio.

“They’re not comfortable for dancing. You can actually get injured dancing in them. I’m on my feet eight hours, all day at work. I really am. They so comfortable I seriously bought every color you can buy.”

The Sole Man also carries the Sausalito Collection and sandals. They’re designed by a podiatrist and approved by the American Podiatric Association. The Sole Man is located at 610 Duval Street. Open seven days a week. 305.292.2505.


• Polyurethane Outer Sole
• Rocker Bottom
• Anti-Skid
• Counter-Heel
• Padded In-Step
• Leather Uppers
• Reinforced Toe-Box
• Tread on Outer Sole
• Lined with Leather
• Great for shock absorption Clogs: Wear’em for Comfort. Wear’em for Picking up Chics…?





Measuring Tape
De Rubeis’ Shane Casio, “they do look sexy! You came in with a full makeover just to try out your new shoes?!?! I never see you in jeans. You’re always in a skirt!” Clogs: Wear’em for Comfort. Wear’em for Picking up Chics…?




“They’re like a fine wine with the cork bottom and beautiful leather!” Clogs: Wear’em for Comfort. Wear’em for Picking up Chics…?





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