“Ozark” | Netflix

Courtesy of Tropical Storm Gordon (nee Hurricane), Labor Day weekend was a perfect time to binge-watch the second season of “Ozark” — starring Jason Bateman — released on Aug. 31. The second season follows the Byrde family’s further descent into crime, and the disintegration of the “white collar values” it once held dear. If you like “Justified” with Timothy Oliphant, or “Shameless” with William H. Macy, you’ll like this show too. (Though it’s not as cool as “Justified” or funny as “Shameless,” this show delves into the seduction of out-smarting all foes and its subsequent wear and tear on moral fiber.) The cliffhanger at the end of season 2 virtually promises a season 3.

“Sharp Objects” | HBO

“Sharp Objects,” the new mini series on HBO based on a Gillian Flynn novel, is deliciously dark, mysterious and captivating. Starring Amy Adams as a reporter who must return to her Missouri hometown to report on the brutal deaths of two local girls, “Sharp Objects” arrests its audience with fascinating small-town characters, chilling family tension and unending plot twists. A beautiful blend of cinematography and superb dialogue and acting. Patricia Clarkson, as the mother, is hauntingly unforgettable — it may be up for an award or two come Emmy time.

Corona Premier | Constellation Brands

Is your beer light enough? Probably not. Corona has rolled out its first new brand in 29 years with Corona Premier. It has 2.6 carbohydrates and 90 calories compared to the 100 calories and 5 carbs in a Corona Light. It has an alcohol content of 4 percent, so … water. Pros: No bloating and good for Keto dieters. Cons: “bad tasting water,” according to one review on According to the Wall Street Journal, this beer will be marketed to men over 35.

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