The Great Island Ugg Debate

Twinface sheepskin has fashionistas show two faces

Whether or not Ugg boots are acceptable fashion on a sub-tropic island is as heated of a debate as whether or not to develop Wisteria Island.

Kent State University student, Jamie Devine, here for spring break 2011 says, “Oh, no. There’s no snow here. The boots are to wear in the snow!”

But, for locals, the blood thins. As soon as the mercury drops below 65° its chilly enough to cuddle up in sweats, socks, and Uggs! The Ugg concept was spawn by a west coast surfer and the line, is lined, with a thermogenic Twinface sheepskin material to keep your kicks cool in any climate. During a January drop-in, when the temperature dropped, Old Town homeowner Wally Szot, picked up a pair in sand before meeting his pals for vino, the cowgirls at Cowboy Bills step into the tall boot in black before they saddle up for a night, and Key West High fashionista, Taylor Allen wears them with her denim skirts.

“You can wear them when its hot or cold,” advises The Sole Man John Brandolino. “It’s a surfer beach collection founded by a surfer in California. He came of the beach and put on a pair of sheepskin lined boots. There’s this vision that all Uggs are boots built for the cold, but they’re not. There are new editions people don’t know about.”

The Spring line has styles encompassing all occasions from sandals to clogs, thongs, sneakers, and wedges. So, just don’t think of Ugg as a boot. But, you can bet all of your ten toes, when a cold snap has islanders shivering, the smart and stylish will be sportin’ the boots made for the beach.