Sonia Burke is a part-time resident in Marathon whose family splits their time between the Florida Keys and North Carolina.

So why does she bring her two kids to participate in the City of Marathon’s home school physical education program?

“The teachers are great, and it’s great for teamwork, exercise, and social interaction,” she explained. “They don’t get that as much at home, so once a week to come out here for exercise is good.”

Recreation specialist Meghan Heaps said one of the biggest challenges of the program is coordinating age appropriate curriculum for all students in the weekly class, which in the height of season, can grow to as many as 45 kids.

Older students, like Forrest Williams, as well as moms like Amy Troisi, often lend a tremendous hand in organizing games of Spider Tag and Jedi Dodgeball.

Troisi has been bringing her two children, Max and Mia, to participate in the program for the past three years.

“It’s great for exercise and something fun to do for the kids, but it also gives us parents a chance to discuss different curriculums and organize field trips,” Troisi explained.

Following Tuesday afternoon’s P.E. time, several parents had coordinated a book club and musical time.

“We do so many different things,” attested Carolyn Waldera. “We have science fairs, and we’ve been to Windley Key for a geography lesson.”

Troisi and Waldera agreed, as the other mother’s nodded in unison, that the weekly P.E. class is a great opportunity to plan joint adventures across the Florida Keys together.

As one mother spread sunscreen on her son’s face and headed off to the playground adjacent to the pavilion at the Community Park, she offered, “All these women are so helpful and willing to jump in and play mom to all these kids.”


Caleb Burke
Caleb Burke paused for a breath and carefully planned his path back across the Spider Tag field during Home School P.E. Tuesday afternoon at Marathon Community Park.



Home school parents with children of all ages take the opportunity each week to discuss curriculums and plan joint field trip ventures throughout the Keys.



Forrest Williams led his home school P.E. classmates in a game of Spider Tag during another Chamber of Commerce day at Marathon Community Park.




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