On Nov. 7, Key Dives staff and customers removed 857 pounds of debris from Islamorada reefs. Not only is this a new record for the most debris removed in one day for the Islamorada shop, located next to Bud N’ Marys, but it also puts the shop just over the 15,000-pound mark for total debris removed. In the three years since the shop began debris removal dives, Key Dives has used the efforts of locals and visitors alike to restore the reefs of this beautiful ecosystem. Join them on their next cleanup where the dives are free for locals 305-664-2211 (spaces are limited). A special thank you is extended to the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary for the ongoing support of these efforts.

Justin Benson, Doug Hoffman and Mike Bastos untangling a derelict anchor from coral. KURT TIDD/Contributed
Justin Benson participates in the cleanup dive. KURT TIDD/Contributed
Key Dives and customers pose for a picture after collecting 857 pounds of debris during a recent dive cleanup. KURT TIDD/Contributed
Diver Bailey Thomasson collects debris during a cleanup dive. KURT TIDD/Contributed

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