This week, Florida Keys Community
College welcomed a new
addition to the college’s administrative
team: Dean of Student Affairs,
Dr. Jim Heck. Much of Heck’s
30-plus year career in higher
education has been in the Florida
College System, which includes
nine years as the Dean of Student
Affairs at Brevard Community College.

During that time, he served
as chair for the Florida Council of
Student Affairs. His most recent
post was as the Deputy Director
of the Wyoming Community
College Commission, overseeing
all academic and student service
officers in the state. He has also
been an English and Humanities
instructor at Santa Fe Community
College and Lake-Sumter Community

Heck holds a bachelor’s and a
master’s degree in English Education
and a doctorate in Higher
Education Administration, with an
emphasis in community colleges,
from the University of Florida.

Notably, as a doctoral student
at UF, Heck studied under the
forefather and architect of Florida’s
Community College System, Dr.
James Wattenbarger. In 2002,
UF‘s Institute of Higher Education
presented him with an “Outstanding
Graduate Award,” a recognition
awarded only every five years to
nationally recognized leaders.

“We couldn’t be happier to
have Dr. Heck on board,” says FKCC
President Dr. Larry Tyree. “He has
a passion for community college
education and a wealth of
knowledge and experience that
will enable FKCC to strengthen
the quality services we offer to our

Heck will oversee the following
departments: Enrollment Services,
Financial Aid, and Student Services,
which include Advising, Testing,
and Students with Disabilities

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