Key West Police Sergeant Sean Brandenburg and his canine partner Wind showed the PAL holiday campers that a police dog is a hard-working dog.

About 20 children are participating in the Police Athletic League’s camp, directed by Tez Waters. The students had the opportunity to see the amazing relationship between Sergeant Brandenburg and Wind.

Working with renowned dog trainer Raul Hernandez as the “bad guy,” Wind attacked on command – and backed off on command.

Each of the children was allowed to pet Wind, but not before learning to always ask permission before touching a police dog.

[The sergeant] … explained that the dog is trained to sniff out drugs as well as bring down bad guys. He can also find people and items they’ve touched with the use of his exquisite sense of smell.

The PAL holiday camp provided a wide variety of experiences for the kids involved.

Hernandez lets the kids pet a 9-week old puppy who may have the right stuff to become a police dog when he grows up.




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