Key West Island Eats: When Your Taste Buds are Bored with Seafood

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We all know the feeling happens every few months.

You’re tired of Tuna, grossed out by Grouper and your appetite can’t be whet by the thought of eating American Alligator.

This is the perfect month to pass on our local fare, and take a bite of beef. The Strip House, located at the Reach Resort at the end of Simonton Street, is celebrating national burger month with a “Create Your Own Burger for Dinner” in the lounge.

“The Strip House knows a thing or two about beef,” attested Heather Lopez, executive assistant to The Glazier Group.

With that in mind, as a friend let his feelings known that he was starving, we recalled the special and trekked two blocks to The Strip House to check out the meal. Instantly impressed by “striking, siren-red interior decorated with black and white seductive images of women photographed by Studio Manasse in the early 1900s in Vienna,” we felt as though we’d been whisked away to another world. You can sit outside, watch the waves of the Atlantic roll in, and order off the regular menu, but for this monthly feature, you have to dine inside in the lounge.

With cushy seats and dim lighting, trust us – the seating arrangements are not annoying.

After a dinner drink, we saved the waistline by passing on the fries and opting for fresh mixed greens, and paired the burger with a glass of Cupcake Merlot.

Don’t be deceived; diners don’t have to eat only Angus! “Create Your Own Burger,” let’s you decide what goes between the buns: certified Black Angus beef, chicken, lamb or tuna.

The next step is to add your choice of cheese – American, cheddar, Swiss, or Stilton. Other toppings available include bacon, lettuce, tomato, grilled jalapenos and sautéed mushrooms.

Perhaps some Foie Gras will strike your fancy.

Served with herb fries, fried onions or 50/50, the Strip House is certainly serving up the best of the beef. After one bite, I knew this wasn’t a backyard burger, but a burger prepared to bring out the ravenous carnivore – the one that often gets buried living here in the Keys -!

The best part? This meaty meal for just $14.95 will set you back less than buying the meat, buns, toppings and sides at the grocery store. Add a Red Stripe beer to wash it down for just $2!

The Strip House is located at 1435 Simonton Street. Call (305) 295-9669 to make your reservation, or just stroll on in.



Strip House Key West




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