This editorial is about to be cranked out faster than you can say, “café con leche, two sugars please.”

There’s softball practice at 5:30 pm.

The time on this iMAC – 5:36 pm.

I’m late, but I’m hustling in my heels to make a quick change to the cleats.
Upon entering college, I turned my nose up at the possibility of playing sports for another four years. The training, the schedules, missing vacations because a game was scheduled for one of those days, the calendar grew weary after six years of junior high and high school volleyball, basketball, softball, track, and some cross country meets thrown in here and there. I wanted a break, my freedom, and to workout at my own leisure. We played intramurals amongst our sororities at USF, but the time wasn’t until I entered the professional arena when I learned the value of team sports.

According to many of my former bosses, besides the bottom line and productivity, athletic ability is one of the most impressive assets a person can possess in their personal abilities. Sports are all about teams where I’s don’t exist. The concept translates from the field to the office; either one can work well with others, or ends up riding the bench. From softball to rugby to flag football and certainly golf, sports are an opportunity to form camaraderie, face trials and tribulations together, and bond over a common goal – to win, and in the process show good sportsmanship—or not.

As I lace up my cleats I’ll remember all of the times I had on the field with my elementary girl friends challenging each other in summer leagues, and in high school taking our place in the batter’s box to see who would be the first to crank it over the fence. We were cute and we could clobber the ball into the corn. We took the ball field like chicks, applying pink, shiny Cover Girl lip gloss bought from the lone village drugstore to give us added oompf in the outfield.

Our parents would gather on the bleachers and at the fence to cheer us on. “On your toes,” my dad would prompt.

“She hit to you last time,” Mr. Haskins would holler to the center fielder.

The practice paid off. I golfed with every CEO in the state of Iowa, went up against every company president in a game of basketball, and raised money for local marching bands through intramural softball games.

As the season starts swinging, I’m curious to learn about the make-up of the individuals on this co-ed adult team, as I’m sure they are about me. A sound performance on the ball fields, volleyball courts, and golf course usually tells you of the performance they’re capable of professionally and a lot about their etiquette, character, and determination.

See ya on the field!

Josie Koler is the Bureau Chief for The Weekly Newspapers.


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