Dear Editor,

The staff, parents, children, and our neighbors on 41st Street cannot thank enough the many people who made it possible for our new look on 41st Street. On Friday, Sept 24th, Sgt. Ken Fricke and Vice-Mayor Mike Cinque, began a major clean up of two lots across the street from Grace Jones Daycare. The overgrowth, garbage, broken tables and chairs, etc. had been accumulating throughout the years without any attention.

Special thanks to Roger Hernstadt, our wonderful City Manager who helped organize this event and to the Sheriff’s Department, especially Sgt. Fricke and his 4 volunteers: James Schultz, Angel Ortega, Alex Luis, and Dennis Gonzalez who came in the early morning until late afternoon stopping only for lunch.

Also, we cannot thank enough Greg Konrath of M.G.S. for his donation of two big dumpsters and the removal of all trash once they were full.

Thank you to Carlos Solis of the Public Works Department for donating a backhoe and employees Ray Wallace and Danny Akerman in helping to clear those lots.

Last but not least thank you to Mike Puto (our angel), Roly Vega, and Greg Sullivan of Waste Management, Rosa Washington of the Monroe Co. Solid Waste, and Craig Rabito from FKEC who will be installing a new outside light on the pole across the street to help keep the neighborhood safe; as well as Grace Jones Volunteer, Juan Nieda who dedicated his time.

This was truly a tremendous effort by a lot of people who care about our community and our wonderful school. They helped to give an aesthetic quality to our surroundings while we care for the children of working parents in Marathon. What a great place to call home!

Iris Coe
Grace Jones Daycare


Ray Wallace uses a backhoe to remove debris with a few dedicated county trustees.


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