I have been a volunteer at the former SUFA Animal Shelter. Many people know that is now controlled by the Florida Keys SPCA. What is not known is that it is no longer a pleasant place where people can go and view dogs and cats in hopes they find a forever home. Actually it is forbidden to view the dogs. Last week I came with treats to find the gate locked and the “closed” sign. Keep in mind that they are only open to the public for four hours a day and closed on Sunday. I called and was told that there was a sick puppy so only cats were available.
On 10/4/10, I went again with treats. I asked the employee about a sweet dog named “Rudy”. She told me that he had been sent to the KW shelter because he had been in Marathon for a while and he would have a better chance of being adopted. I asked her if he had been killed and she said “yes”, he tried to bite an Administrator. I asked her why he wasn’t returned to Marathon. She told me that the dogs were better off dead than living in a kennel. I was horrified. I opened the door to see how many dogs were left when I was physically shoved against the wall as she slammed the door closed. In the past with SUFA I was allowed to take a dog for a walk, play and even help bathe dogs. The people of Marathon and the Middle Keys need to stop listening to the lies and go for yourself. I am appalled that Key West permits the killing at that Shelter, but the taxpayers of Marathon need to speak for the defenseless animals that can’t speak for themselves.

Karen Nielsen

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