Overflowing with Gratitude
I am the captain, of fishing boat “Julie” that fell overboard early Tuesday morning, Oct. 12. My family and I would like to express our gratitude to the Captain of “Lady Karen”, Edward (Eddy) Varnhill Sr. and his crew members for rescuing me; to my Fish House and Elizabeth Prieto for doing such an amazing job in handling the calls, translation, and for getting the ball rolling so quickly in the search process; and also to Diego Cordova for his efforts and reliable connections that assisted in the search. However, my gratitude does not stop there. I’d like to thank the Coast Guard, Florida Fish and Wildlife, local pilots, and all the fishing and charter boats which stopped working to assist in my search. Since I do not know the names of the many people that assisted in my search, and don’t want to leave absolutely anyone out I want to end with this: I am so incredibly grateful to live in such a caring community, that in my time of need came together and stopped at nothing to help find me.

Alfredo Crespo Jr.

Shout Out from Crane Point
G.B. Stern once said “Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” Crane Point’s Board of Directors, management and staff join with me in saying Merci, Gracies, Diakju, Tack, Daank, Gracias, Spasiba, Obrigado, Taldk, Domo, Grazie, Koszi, Toda, and Danke.  No matter how we say it, Crane Point is grateful to the Marathon City Council, and most importantly to all of Marathon’s residents and taxpayers for their generosity. We are SHOUTING OUT our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in making Crane Point one of the beneficiaries of the recent non-profit organization funding program.

Audrey Moir
Executive Director
Crane Point Museum and Nature Center

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