Tom Oosterhaudt and Mary Ann Worth Host Short Story Reception at their Historic Home

Lorian Hemingway, the great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway says choosing a winner for this year’s Short Story competition was a challenge.

“At 8 am this morning, I had to get down on my knees and pray,” she admits quite candidly to The Weekly Newspapers.

Out of 1,057 entries from around the globe, Gregory Loselle of Southgate, Michigan was bestowed the title for his work entitled “Lazarus.”

The story was read to a packed room on the 2nd floor at Casa Antigua fittingly, since Hemingway lived in the building while writing “Farewell to Arms”, amongst others.

“Because of him, “Oosterhaudt educated the audience from behind a dark, wooden bar, “We have an artistic community in Key West. He went down the street and found Sloppy Joe’s and wrote some fine novels right here on Simonton Street.”

It’s worth noting, a Key West writer received Honorable Mention. Mark Howell for “Not Just Another Plot.”




Lorian Hemingway, great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway was amidst heady company during the reading. She’s pictured with Florida Author Tom Corcoran and Manager of the Pelican Poop Shoppe Lee Hines.





Ron Lewicki of Richmond, Virginia was one of the Look-a-Likes vying for the title! This isn’t Spain, and the bulls are faux, but the hey there isn’t any risk of injury in historic Key West! Photo by Josie Koler




The Papas donned white, red berets, and braced for the midday heat. The group did a tour down Key West’s historic Greene, Anne, Caroline and Duval Streets.




Video Extra!!! Click here to see them cruising down Duval!



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