‘Mainstream’ things that are Ukraine (or Ukraine like) as Washington burns


With Ukraine in the news this week, we thought we would take our mainstreaming WAY outta the Keys by examining some European and European-inspired goodies.


BUY | Bedding

This duvet cover set — available from wayfair.com for $118 — features the traditional border frames in Ukrainian pop art. The style is bold, colorful and geometric. Interpreted by Wayfair, it also includes two shams. Sleep deeply while the world (okay, the U.S.) burns.




Did you know that the Ukraine is considered to be the breadbasket of Europe? Well, it’s true. It is the No. 2 exporter of grains globally, plus it also grows a bunch of sunflowers, too. It’s famous for fancy Easter Bread loaves and you can buy some on Etsy, but we recommend trying to bake it at home as you watch the endless loop of talking heads.  


WATCH | Russian Doll

Okay, not Ukraine, but in the same vein. This dramedy television series directed by Amy Poehler, and streaming on Netflix is like a modern, disturbing remake of “Groundhog Day.” It stars Natasha Lyonne (“American Pie” and “Orange is the New Black”) who in the first season tries to understand if her repeated death (varied sources) and rebirth (always in her friend’s bathroom on her birthday) is the result of her own psychosis or a bad trip. The show’s themes play nicely with national drama. 

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