WATCH | “The Bodyguard”

Netflix’s original series “The Bodyguard” gets a 98 and 86 percent positive score from the professional critics and the audience on the Rotten Tomatoes website. Both are correct. It’s a present-day psychological thriller set in Britain. After helping stop a terrorist attack, a veteran (Richard Madden) is assigned to protect a politician (Keeley Hawes) who was a proponent of the conflict he fought in. Season 1 is currently available. 

READ | “Past Tense”

Released just this week is Lee Child’s newest Reacher novel — “Past Tense.” It’s getting rave reviews, with some saying that Child has returned to Reacher’s roots — if he ever left. Reacher is the quintessential veteran — first a brat, then an MP, now a general corrector of everyday wrongs. He’s a total badass in the archetypical lonely-noble-savage-hero-type way. If your only experience with this story is that regrettable Tom Cruise movie, go wash your brain out with soap and start over; anywhere’s fine, including this book.

LISTEN | “Old Glory”

About a month ago, Jerrod Niemann played a country concert in Marathon. The crowd went still and silent when he played his original, “Old Glory.” The Nashville singer-songwriter has made USO trips to the Middle East, including one over the Christmas holidays. The soldiers showed him pictures of their kids opening presents and some sad stories, too. This is a patriotic song, but not political: “Don’t tread on me or my memory / I fight for you so that you’re free / We’ve never met but I’ll do it again / I’ll lose my mind, I’ll give my life / If that’s what it costs for that flag to fly / I’ll wear it proud like all the others before me / Why do you think they call it Old Glory?” 

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