Mainstreaming: Father’s Day edition

At around age 12 or so I discovered the coolest Brut gift set at the local pharmacy and instantly knew my dad would love the after shave, soap-on-a-rope and deodorant. A fond memory for me, but I am sure this did not rate at the top of Papa K’s memorable Father’s Day moments.

Dads are typically the easiest to buy for because let’s face it — we just like cool stuff. If you are looking for a triumph this year, look no further than these choices handpicked by dads at the Keys Weekly Newspapers. 


Bug-A-Salt 3.0 Black Fly Edition

Eradicating vermin should be a fun pastime and even the most liberal, tree-hugging dad out there will appreciate the sporty fun of blasting away flies with this salt gun. The enhanced edition features a new Cross Bolt Safety, a re-designed trigger and an improved, more durable salt hopper, which makes “tactical reloads easy during the heat of battle.” This is on the top of publisher Jason Koler’s Father’s Day wish list as he hates flies. $44.95/



LG SIGNATURE W9 Wallpaper 77-inch Class 4K Smart OLED TV w/ AI ThinQ

Dads like to watch TV. Score mad points with your pop this year by making him the envy of every single dad in America. Imagine your dad watching the NatGeo Channel, M.A.S.H. reruns or his favorite team on the massive screen. It has a whopping 8.3 million pixels. Or maybe it’s 8.3 million horsepower. Regardless, even the Atlanta Falcons will look good on this boob tube. Publisher Britt Myers has it on his list. $13,000/



Some dads just want time. Whether it’s to go fishing, golfing or — in designer Javier Reyes’s case — time to go mountain biking. Get a blank piece of paper and write whatever you feel your dad deserves on it. If he refuses to give you ice cream and candy, just give him a few minutes. If he is always available to play catch, swim and take you out for corn dogs then give him a few hours.

Price TBD/made by you



Let’s face it. Kids can be a real pain in the a$$. Thankfully … there is booze. Our copy editor Mike Howie likes to drink beer and his choice in the Florida Keys is the Hurricane Hole, crafted by our friends at the Florida Keys Brewing in Islamorada. This Irish red ale has a deep copper red color, with low bitterness and a sweet, smooth finish. Order dad a gift card by visiting


Yamaha 5.6L V8 425 XTO 

There is nothing more satisfying than putting a boat on plane and Yamaha’s most powerful outboard would be a welcomed upgrade for your dad. The engine comes with integrated electric steering, so there are no hydraulic lines or linkages. None of the Weekly dads have a boat worthy of this motor, but we think it’s awesome nonetheless. This engine starts at $44k, so if you are buying this for your dad, he probably did something right with you along the way. Available at All Keys Yamaha in Marathon. 


Onboard BandIt Snapback hat

The paint-splattered, cork infused, Caribbean-inspired T-shirts, hats and hoodies designs of Onboard BandIt are one of the most widely recognized brands of the Florida Keys. The locally owned and operated company, founded as a spear band repair and replacement kit, now boasts an online store that features a myriad of apparel choices created from materials designed to perform in the harsh, saltwater environment of the Florida Keys. The Weekly’s newest account manager Ted Fackler wants one of their snapbacks for Father’s Day. $22.95/

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