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There’s a new surfing documentary, worth watching twice, on HBO, called “Momentum Generation.” It’s directed by the Zimbalist brothers (“Favela Rising”) and focuses on a group of Hawaiian and Californian (and one Floridian, Kelly Slater) young surfers, upending the structure of surf gods and ripping championships out of the hands of Australians. The kids come up together, end up competing and, after the death of one of their group, fall apart only to reconnect in their 40s. Good stuff, great footage and compelling even for non-surfers. 



It’s one of the go-to-solutions for businesses and professional users in 360-degree photo content. Called Panono, it’s a ball-shaped, high-resolution 36-degree camera It’s equipped with 36 individual cameras that trigger simultaneously to capture everything in every direction in a single shot and deliver full spherical images. With a total resolution of 108 megapixels, the Panono is the highest resolution 360-degree camera on the market. Create 360-degree virtual tours, see hot spots in your photos and create before-and-after views. Find out more at 



From the queen of domestic chic comes the king of meal delivery services. Martha Stewart’s new service rivals forerunners like Blue Apron, but with a nod toward high-quality responsibly sourced ingredients (like wild caught American shrimp, Berkshire pork), the freedom to choose from different recipes, including 10 new ones every week, and the sophistication we’ve come to expect. Recipes like apricot-dijon pork chops and spiced cauliflower wedge salad run the gamut from hearty to healthy and in-between. Plus, they are coded as “gluten free,” “vegetarian,” “kid friendly,” etc. to cater to your needs. Living on an island, we need a little culinary variety, and what better person to deliver than Queen Martha? 

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