Mainstreaming: What to READ, WATCH and SHOP


BUY | “Stock Island Nikes”

Both West Marine and Dick’s Sporting Goods sell these low-slung boots built for sport and recreational fishermen. The soles feature non-slip grip, and the boots are waterproof. Finger-size loops make them easy to pull on, and some models feature anti-microbial liners to keep them smelling fresh. About $70.



READ| “Totch: A Life in the Everglades”

Totch Brown hung up his career as alligator hunter and commercial fisherman to become a self-confessed pot smuggler in the Everglades. Before the marijuana money rolled in, he survived excruciating poverty in the Ten Thousand Islands located at the western gateway to the Everglades National Park.






WATCH | “The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans”

Produced by the BBC, this award-winning eight-part series is narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Epic in proportion, and filmed over the course of several years by a huge team of the best wildlife cinematographers with the most advanced filming technology, it reveals stunning, beautiful and never-before-seen ocean footage.

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