Marathon Island Currents: Lobster Feast!

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So many preparations to please any palette…

As Keys businesses prepare for the wave of bug hunters descending on the Florida Keys next week for the recreational lobster mini-season, The Marathon Weekly decided to do a mini-tour of local lobster recipes and the hard-working hands that prepare them.

Grilled Lobster Salad
Our first stop at Sparky’s Landing produced one of the local spot’s summer specialty dishes – a Grilled Lobster Salad.

Like all of Sparky’s signature salads, this dish is served in an oversized bowl and could at first seem too much to tackle. But, trust us; with one bite of this salad, you’ll soon regret your decision to share this dish.

One large lobster tail is grilled then cut into scrumptious bite size pieces and tossed with freshly sliced mango, avocado, and tomatoes; a side of mixed baby greens with spinach and arugula; then all are flavored with a spicy citrus jalapeno dressing.

Of course, if you’ve been waiting to snag your own bug and have it prepared fresh to order, Sparky’s will gladly cook your catch to your desire. Please bring clean and legal tails.

Sparky’s Landing, 400 Sadowski Causeway, Key Colony Beach (305) 289-7445.

Famous Lobster Reuben
I’ve long been intimidated by the Famous Lobster Reuben at Keys Fisheries. Boards at the order window entice diners to guess just how many of those particular sandwiches will be sold in the next month. In fact, at printing, the kitchen had turned out nearly 135,000 Lobster Reubens since the sandwich’s inception.

This, however, is no ordinary sandwich…it comes with its own comment card and free contest entry! My best piece of advice is to bring a friend; this thing is a monstrosity!

What seemed like a full pound of chopped lobster meat was piled high with plenty of sauerkraut and Swiss cheese between two extra large pieces of Rye bread and toasted to perfection.

After feeling like I was about to burst after finishing just half of the Lobster Reuben, I was then tempted with the crunchy fries that filled the bottom of the oversized carton lined with red and white checkered paper. Pickles and coleslaw? Barely touched it. But, this is well worth stepping up to the plate for the challenge.

Florida Lobster Roll
Keys Fisheries recently recruited local sushi chef Park to join the restaurant and help expand their menu. With him, he brought recipes and a creative eye for preparing fantastic rolls, sashimi, and house specials that are not only pleasing to the palette but, as it should be, pleasing to the eye as well.

House Special #1 is not to be missed when ordering from the sushi bar. Just like the ginormous Famous Lobster Reuben, the Florida Lobster Roll is quite large and not to be taken lightly. Park combines local lobster with tempura shrimp, asparagus, avocado, cream cheese, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo and eel sauce.

Of course, a landmark fish house is bound to have a whole section of their menu devoted to lobster – from sautéed, broiled, stuffed with crabmeat or in nugget form, Keys Fisheries offers various preparations in addition to lunch and dinner specials to highlight this exciting time of year.

Keys Fisheries, Market & Marina, 35th Street on the Gulf, MM 49; (866) 743-4353 or (305) 743-4353;


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