Judy Greenman’s life was pretty much picture perfect until her mid 30s. Happily married to an industrious attorney with three beautiful daughters, she was a travel agent booking exciting trips across the globe for her clients through Marathon Travel.

“At 36, I was a busy businesswoman who was looking desperately for something, but I simply didn’t know what that was,” she reflected.

These days, she’s helping similarly successful business people engrossed in their careers become “unstuck and unstressed” with their bodies, work and lives.

Greenman is now a teacher of personal awareness, somatic education, and conscious parenting.

So, just what exactly does that mean?

“I specialize in releasing pain and tension patterns to create easy movement, healing, and lasting change in all aspects of life,” she explained. “My unique teaching style incorporates cutting edge Brain-Body Re-education. More recently, teaching with the founder of Cortical Field Re-education at Esalen Institute, I’ve watched the miracles unfold during our seven-day class… chronic headaches, back pain and stiffness gone! Both retired and working people feel 20 years younger and restored, like the weight of the world was just lifted off their shoulders. That’s the coolest and most rewarding highlights of my somatic education teaching career!”

She offers her instructional services locally at the Total Wellness Center in Marathon and in Key West at Coffee Mill Dance Studio with host Greg Henke, but Greenman admitted she’s thoroughly enjoyed expanding her classes into the European market.

Her family, originally from Hungary, are Holocaust survivors who escaped to the States in 1956. Some of her fondest childhood memories include traveling with her younger brother and sister to Hungary and Switzerland to visit their cousins.


An active Girl Scout and thespian throughout primary school, Judy went on to attend the University of Virginia where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. Following graduation, she went straight to work for the International Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C.

Spring of 1977 proved a fateful trip for Judy and her family. They came from Virginia to visit a family friend, Dr. Weber, who was a contract radiologist for Fishermen’s Hospital at the time.

“They fell in love with Marathon, made an offer on the Wooden Spoon and Ted and Mary Bartz accepted,” she remembered, laughing that her mother traveled back to Virginia just long enough to help her daughter pack for college before promptly returning to the Keys.

As she began planning Thanksgiving Dinner in 1981, Judy’s mother chose to invite her attorney, Frank Greenman, to join the family.

“The rest is history,” Judy admitted. The couple married August 22, 1982.

Family has always been the foundation of her life. Her personal highlights, she said, include her first date with her husband and “each time my three daughters were put into my arms for the first time and I saw they had 10 fingers, 10 toes and were beautiful and healthy!”

It’s just shy of three decades Judy’s been a permanent resident of the Keys, and there’s little doubt she’s left her permanent marks of the community.

She was hired as the first Executive Director of the Marathon Chamber of Commerce where she also compiled the first Statistical Abstract of Monroe County that, with revisions, is still in use today.

She also includes being a charter member of Zonta and founding the Monroe Youth Challenge Program, a grass roots community initiative to help children feel celebrated and to be agents of positive change that they all can be.

“What initially inspired me to get into the type of healing and enrichment work I currently do was having children,” she said. “I wanted to learn how to build self-trust and self-worth in them.”

During yet another chapter in her life, Judy said it became clear that her life purpose was to share the valuable lessons she learned and to help others enhance their innate skills to live and parent consciously with more ease and freedom in their body, movement, relationships, work and all aspects of their life.

“Now, I’m doing just that,” she said proudly.

Greenman recently took on another responsibility as the President of The Middle Keys Toastmasters and has been diligently recruiting new members to join in the group’s personal growth. For more information on upcoming meetings, visit http://www.middlekeystoastmasters.org.



(L-R) Kelley, Suzie, and Katie Greenman organized a surprise 50th birthday celebration in Boston for their mother, Judy Greenman (center) along with their father, attorney Frank Greenman.


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