Pete Worthington
“The election went very well, and I had a lot of support,” said fourth-term Councilman Pete Worthington. “I was surprised to see the incumbents come within 40 or so votes of each other. I thought we’d all have a strong chance of getting back in, but thought there’d be a larger spread between the three incumbents. Sounds like we all have similar support throughout the community.

When the city council meets during its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Worthington said of his final term, “I think whoever is nominated to serve as mayor should be supportive of the City Manager.”


Dick Ramsay
As his campaign wound down last week, Ramsay hosted a fellow elected official and long-time friend, Councilman Elorn Rolle of Great Harbor Cay and his wife Ruth during their semi-annual visit to Marathon.

Thankful for support from voters, Ramsay said he hopes to work even harder in his second term focusing on Marathon’s economy.

“I’m presently working to see if World Wide Sportsman would be interested in opening a satellite store in the old Boater’s World building,” Ramsay told The Weekly, adding that he was looking forward to quarterly budget reviews, “that will help us deal with issues as we go along instead of all at once at the end of the year.”



Ginger Snead
Supporters, patients, friends, and family surrounded Ginger Snead Tuesday evening in her office after the polls closed.

“I spent of lot of money and time during the campaign, and now I’m glad the election’s over and we can get back down to business,” Snead said as she prepares for her second term in office.

She affirmed that her sights are set on working to improve Marathon’s image, both along the U.S. 1 corridor and to court possible new businesses that might set up shop in the Middle Keys. She’ll also focus on improving lines of communication between municipalities, particularly when it comes to sharing services.





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