Mariners Hospital Intensive Care Unit: Pictured from bottom left are Nicole Rowney, Sher Dunlap, Tiffany Sistrunk and Liz Giguere. Pictured from back right are Nikki Dudley, Theresa Worden, Lupe Ornelas, Naomi, Ornelas, Rosie Sanchez, Laura Berni and Michael Carlisle. Not pictured are Ginny Cone, Zaneta Wylazlowska, Cynthia Delgado, Daianna Ornelas, Emile Doharty, Frank Reiner and Jeannie Coleman. CONTRIBUTED

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) recently awarded a silver-level Beacon Award for Excellence to the intensive care unit (ICU) at Mariners Hospital.

The Beacon Award for Excellence recognizes unit caregivers who successfully improve patient outcomes and align practices with AACN’s six healthy work environment standards. Units that achieve this three-year, three-level award with a gold, silver or bronze designation meet national criteria consistent with Magnet Recognition, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and the National Quality Healthcare Award.

“Our dedicated team is always focused on patient care and safety,” said Rosie Sanchez, director of the Mariners Hospital Intensive Care Unit. “Receiving this award is an immense honor, and we are so proud of everyone who works in our intensive care unit.”

AACN President Elizabeth Bridges praised the commitment of the caregivers in the hospital’s ICU for working together to meet and exceed the high standards set forth by the Beacon Award for Excellence. 

“Creating healthy and supportive work environments empowers nurses and other team members to make their optimal contribution,” Bridges said. “Achieving this award is such an honor and brings such joy to those who have worked so hard to achieve excellence in patient care and positive patient outcomes.”

The silver-level Beacon Award for Excellence signifies an effective approach to policies, procedures and processes that includes engagement of staff and key stakeholders. The Mariners Hospital ICU has evaluation and improvement strategies in place and good performance measures when compared to relevant benchmarks.

The unit earned its silver award by meeting the following evidence-based Beacon Award for Excellence criteria: leadership structures and systems; appropriate staffing and staff engagement; effective communication, knowledge management and learning and development; evidence-based practice and processes and outcome measurement.

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