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Moms are the ultimate caretakers who possess a treasure trove of advice. They’re the bearers and deliverers of life. With Mother’s Day set for Sunday, May 12, the Keys Weekly is showcasing just some of the amazing moms in the Florida Keys. We heard from loved ones on what makes their mom special. 

Hannah Brumbalow

“She’s one of the most selfless humans I have ever met and loves with her whole heart. I have always admired her integrity and ability to find the good in everyone,” said husband Jeremy Brumbalow. 

Erin Garcia

“Erin is a pillar of strength, balancing love and guidance in nurturing our children. Her unwavering dedication and boundless patience make her a remarkable role model for our family,” said husband Rafael Garcia.

Halle Micciche

“Thanks for being the best partner we could ask for. Happy Mother’s Day from Jack and Walker.”

Brie Conway

“Thank you for all the care and compassion you provide each day for the little guys and myself. You’re always there when we need you with the perfect motherly touch. We appreciate all you do for us,” said Jim McCarthy

Deb Demeo

“Happy Mother’s Day Deb! We love you for your caring and gentle nature. You’re always going above and beyond for us and making it fun along the way,” said son and daughter-in-law Jake and Taylor Demeo.

Taylor Konrath Quarles

“Taylor is heavily involved in the community and specifically MHS athletics,” said husband (and new dad) Marshall Quarles. “She coached three different middle school girls sports during her pregnancy. Taylor is an after-school tutor for students for math, science and English as well as ACT prep. She’s also a fourth-generation employee at Marathon Garbage Service and gets to work with her dad and grandfather every day.”

Catalina Auson

“Cat epitomizes what being a great mom is all about. She teaches our boy to be compassionate, caring, kind, thoughtful, loving and passionate,” said husband Marco Auson. “Nothing in life is more important to her than the well-being of our boy and our family as a whole. She reminds us every day of how important the little details are and that as long as we have each other, everything will always be all right.”

Nicole Irwin

“My wife Nicole is the best mother. Her wisdom and conviction is unshakable,” said husband Ryan Irwin. “Our three sons could not be more blessed. She has a heart and a backbone, which make for the best life partner, but more importantly an amazing mother.” 

Gina Frederick

“My mom’s love for life and everyone she meets is one of my favorite things about her,” said daughter Holly Frederick. “She’s always down for any adventure and she’ll always find some new friends along the way. She truly is my number one supporter and I love her so much!”

Sarah Simcic 

“My kids are so lucky. I’m so lucky,” said husband James. “Sarah picks us up and she holds it down. Our kids are growing into caring, expressive and driven people. And they got it from their Momma. Seven Mile Bridge, Keys 100, bring it on. Love you, Sarah Simcic.”

Allison Morgan

“A full-time working mother, Allison is the most selfless, caring mom and supportive wife,” said husband James Morgan III. “We are truly blessed to call her ours — we love her! Happy Mother’s Day from James, Savannah Grace and James IV.”

Kaite Follos

“The journey to motherhood was a tough one, but we are so proud of Kaite,” said husband Austin Follos. “Kaite is such a resilient, caring and compassionate mother and we hope she soaks up all the dog and baby snuggles this Mother’s Day. Love Austin, Lynn & Freida.”

Michelle Lincoln

“The genetics are strong, not only in looks but in personality traits and quirks as well – look no further than right here for proof,” said her daughter Mallory Pinto. “My mom’s friendliness, social nature and hardworking spirit are a big part of who I am.”