A protective bark, followed by the scurry of nails on tile, lets visitors know the city property is secured… with slobber… at Fire Station #3 on Flagler.


The Weekly Newspapers is greeted by Key West’s “Fire Dog Emeritus.”

“Bubba Dog! We got him from the pound. The Florida Keys SPCA. Somebody had turned him in, so we adopted him,” Captain Ray Alvarez remarks. “He comes at you real strong but really he’s just a baby.”

“Bubba D for short,” Danny Galvan, a 12-year firefighter walks in the door and spanks Bubba on the butt. “He’s an employee of the city!”

At 70 dog years, the municipality is getting a lot of bark for its buck.

“His salary is a doggie bone a day,” remarks Karl Wagner, who’s been on the KWFD for 3 ½ years, “a T-bone too if you don’t close the oven.”

Adorned in a green collar… tags dangling, this Dalmatian’s stature isn’t above the law. He slides through an 8-inch wide doggie door and Captain Ray Alvarez recalls his apprehension by the police, “They had to arrest him for running on the Holiday Inn beach. Citizens complained and they put him in the backseat… behind the bars. They had to release him to us.

So in regards to this election season, Bubba D doesn’t care about nude beaches, he’s not allowed to put paw in the sand anyway.

“No dogs allowed,” solidifies Captain Alvarez!

So, for now, he’s just waiting on his promotion to administration at Fire Station #1! The guys at the FD all laugh at the prospect.

“Oh, no!  He’ll retire here! He’s an escape artist,” says Wagner, “but he’ll stay here.”

“We’ve just got to keep him away from the hotdogs,” a perplexed Alvarez notes.

“He’s always sneaking out and going to the junior football league. He eats all the kids’ hotdogs.”

Football season is his favorite, and these days, Bubba D’s days start at 5 am.

“He rises then and checks everything out,” says Captain Kevin Cates.

“Then he goes back to sleep,” Karl chimes in.

Current city ordinance keeps him from riding in the fire trucks, but before the mascot was the first one aboard when the alarm sounded. So, instead of battling blazes, like the one that ignited with some pizza boxes at Papa John’s this week, volunteering is his forte. All the kids in town know him and he wanders down to Poinciana Elementary for civil service career day.

His other favorite haunt – the senior citizen home because of “all the cat food” left outside the door.

Bubba Dog
• Likes Women
• Loves Kids
• 1 Arrest
• Eaten Unknown # of Stolen Hotdogs
• Diet also consists of Alpo & Milkbones
• Best Trick: Rolling Over to Play Dead
(For a Milkbone of course!)
•Bathed by “Whoever’s on Duty Sunday”

Bubba Dog has just been diagnosed by the vet with Cushing’s Syndrome. The outlook is positive, though. He’s gained about 10 pounds and is guzzling more water a day than it takes to extinguish a grease fire. He is accepting Oscar Meyer hotdogs to aid in his speedy recovery.

Bubba Dog

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