The Monore County School District is entering into new calendar year following a scandal which has unfolded into one of the most talked about sagas this side of the Seven Miles Bridge. Monique Acevedo, the wife of suspended Superintendent Randy Acevedo, is facing criminal charges for her alleged misuse of school issued p-cards, or purchase cards. Mr. Acevedo has been suspended.

However, the failure to use the p-cards properly does not mean top-notch educational leaders are not at the helm for the 2009/2010 school year. In fact, as The Weekly Newspapers has learned, there’s a very capable man leading the Keys’ curriculum.
  Mike Henriquez has assumed the title of Acting Superintendent. A man who prides himself as putting the students first.

“Everyone who works here is very committed to the job.  Although recent issues have left a cloud overhead, we’ve all got our hearts in it for the kids,” Henriquez, bringing 21 years of education experience to the district, has an impressive resume. Outside of the classroom he has immersed himself more deeply with the development of impressionable young adults by coaching, namely little league baseball. This year, Mr. Henriquez notes there won’t be any students, staff, administrators or teachers “sitting on the bench”.

They’re all coming together during this transitional period in leadership.

“Principals and directors are sharing responsibility for extra tasks and pulling it all together,” Henriquez shares. “Right now we’re on course. Several additional staff training days have been built into this year’s schedule to ensure a smooth start.”

The district has received the top “A” rating for the past four years, Henriquez proudly points out. His goal this year is to continue to meet and exceed this level of excellence.

On his agenda for the 2009-2010 school year are several initiatives for professional development. One, which centers around the state’s newly introduced legislature regulating accountability.  All educators must be able to implement methods to show a certain level of proficiency among all sub-groups, including minorities, kids with disabilities and others.

In his office, where pictures of his family line the bookshelves, Mike knows firsthand parents play an extremely important role in their kid’s academic success. The father of three teens, he encourages parents to get involved in any way they can.

“A helpful move is to set aside time for homework, follow a routine, and follow up with their progress. Parents can join the School Advisory Councils, and they shouldn’t hesitate to contact the school if they have any concerns.”

Acting Superintendent Mike Henriquez

Key West Native

Father of Three

21 Years of Education Experience

Serving as •  Deputy Superintendent
            • Executive Director of Instructional Services
            • Assistant Principal
            •  Teacher

Baseball & Football Coaach

“I love working with students and serving the youth in our community both educationally and recreationally!”


Acting Superintendent Mike Henriquez

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