How does a laid-back lady like Sue Haines keep her husband, Stan “The Man” in line?

“Hmmm, well, I just smile and do what he says,” she chuckled.

But don’t mistake her for a submissive belle.

This self-proclaimed “boy of the family” amongst two other sisters, Sue spent her formative years picking potatoes by hand on the family farm in Mapleton, Maine.

“We lived in the country, so you made your own fun,” she explained.

When she wasn’t rehearsing with the high school band as the star saxophone player, she was scooting around back roads on her dirt bike or being the brunette in a “Neapolitan Swim” – skinny-dipping escapades with her blonde and red-headed friends.

This year has been a notable one for Sue.

On the familial front, she returned home with her sister, Cynthia McPherson, also of Marathon, to celebrate her grandfather’s 100th birthday back in April. Her other sister joined them from Rhode Island, and the entire family descended on the great state for the monumental occasion.

On the business front, her Collector’s Corner business partnership with her husband is celebrating 15 years of business.

They recently expanded their outfit into an adjacent space at Town Square Mall to showcase their extensive offerings.

“We built a showroom because people needed to be able to see what products we offer,” Sue said. “Before, our front door led you straight into our ‘manufacturing department’ and customers were tripping over what we do.”

Sue met Stan while working at the former Marine Bank.

“I didn’t like him at first,” she admitted, describing his penchant for an excessive amount of Brut.

“Mr. Daniels told me to stay away from him because he was trouble.”

After six years of dating, the couple finally tied the knot last May. Sue’s daughter, Hannah, is a University of Florida graduate living in Daytona. With two stepsons and one stepdaughter, Sue’s also plays “Grammy” to eight step grandchildren.

While Stan handles all the engraving on everything from school sports and fishing tournament trophies to name tags and plaques, Sue oversees the store’s embroidery department. From shirts to beach chairs, stress balls, cell phone holders and golf towels, the Collector’s Corner beckons customers to “Let Us Put Your Name On It.”

As she meticulously stitches the company logo and names on hats and shirts for Marathon’s Fire Rescue team, she explained that she’s always been crafty and good with her hands. She’s best suited for this chapter of her life as opposed to years spent as a legal secretary and banker.
“I don’t sit still and it drives my husband crazy,” she laughed.

When asked about the plans for the future of the business, Sue said she and Stan are hoping to hire more staff.

“Business has been great since the opening of the show room,” she added.

The couple enjoys the morning drive from their home on Big Pine to the shop in Marathon.

While the stingrays leap from the water and the birds fish for their breakfast, she reads the paper to her husband as they head in to work. She admits that living on Big Pine makes it hard to host dinner parties, but a quick mention that Stan’s firing up the grill to prepare his prime rib always beckons her friends to make the trek over the bridge.

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