Volunteers looking to aid in the oil clean-up effort related to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico shouldn’t be paying for their own training, Saunders said to a crowded room of businessmen and women at this week’s chamber luncheon. He told the crowd legislators are asking BP for money to train volunteers at FKCC but haven’t seen any yet.

He pointed out the entire process of offshore oil drilling “was stupid before and suicidal now”. Right now in Tallahassee, the moves have been made to implement legislation that would make adequate laws to protect businesses in such an event of widespread financial devastation.

“The problem is national publicity,” Representative Saunders points out “businesses are being impacted, but how do you determine what’s been lost?”

Business owners may have to calculate numbers regarding visitors and revenues, which demonstrate a three of four-year average and verify cancellations.

“Educate your front desk employees and the people on the front line,” Executive Vice President Virginia Panico reiterated to the business owners.

Besides the oil spill, Rep. Saunders also fielded questions on the topics of state income taxes, insurance lobbyists, educating state prisoners, and keeping the budget in the black.


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