The Butler

A review on compares this robotic vacuum cleaner to a sheepish English butler because of the way that it moves around. Instead of relying on “navigational aides” like magnetic tape, the Electrolux Pure I9 vacuum has a 3-D eye. So it hesitates more often, but it doesn’t destroy as many home goods in the process. It’s small, less than 13 inches across, and triangular, and up for light tasks such as crumbs and sand, but not so much pet hair ground into a shag rug. Fun fact: The Roomba — the first robotic vacuum — was invented by MIT graduate Helen Greiner, who started out by making robots for the military.
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Gabriel Allon, legendary operative of the Mossad and art restorer, is back as the main character in “The Other Woman,” released earlier this month. It’s the 19th in a series of spy novels, but this one seems particularly compelling given the current world climate and political maneuvering between Russia and the U.S. The book by Daniel Silva is available in paper, Kindle and Audible formats. We prefer the Audible format read by the great narrator George Guidall. Silva lives in Florida and is married to CNN special correspondent Jamie Gangel.
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Good vibes

This week we mix it up a bit with George Ezra. The young English songwriter and singer has one of the most distinct (perhaps unique) voices in the business. You’ll recognize his songs “Budapest” and “Listen to the Man” (also a great video featuring Sir Ian McKellen) which placed him in the mainstream.  But he has an eclectic mix of sounds from one song to the next. We recommend (if you can find it) downloading Ezra’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right.”
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