True crime with a sense of humor? Check. Heroes and villains aplenty in one book? Got you covered. Brand-new tunes from none other than Jason Aldean? Yep, got that too.

WATCH | “Indefensible” 

True crime is everyone’s favorite genre these days, and SundanceTV’s new series True Crime Story: Indefensible puts a fresh spin on it, thanks to host Jena Friedman’s sharp interview skills and comedic sensibility. The series goes beyond the facts of the crimes it covers to call out a legal system that routinely fails the victims and lets criminals walk free. SundanceTV

READ | “Never” by Ken Follett

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers describes Ken Follett’s new novel, “Never,” as “a compelling story, and only too realistic.”

“‘Never’ is an extraordinary novel, full of heroines and villains, false prophets and elite warriors, jaded politicians and opportunistic revolutionaries. It brims with cautionary wisdom for our times, and delivers a visceral, heart-pounding read that transports readers to the brink of the unimaginable.” Amazon

LISTEN | “Macon” by Jason Aldean

Less than two years after his #1 album “9” hit shelves in November 2019, Jason Aldean returns for his 10th studio album with “Macon” on Friday, Nov. 12. Named after his hometown, a 30-track set will be split between this album and the aptly named “Georgia,” releasing in April  2022. “Where you were raised has such a big influence on who you become and for me it’s no different, especially from a music standpoint,” Aldean said. “My little hometown of Macon was heavily instrumental in my musical background. Growing up in an environment that was a crossroads between country music, Southern rock, blues and R&B, it was just natural to blend different sounds in my own way.”

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