Here’s a little scary reading from the ’70s, comfortable nostalgia from the ’80s and a new album that is just made for this time of year.

John D. MacDonald (who also created the “salvage consultant” Travis McGee and brought us his adventures in 21 novels) lays out a full meal: a pompous resident who creates a condo “security” force; a construction expert who isn’t sure the high-rises popping up on Florida’s Gulf Coast are being built properly; plenty of sex, for both goose and gander; financial skullduggery that could mean ruin for corporation and condo owners alike. All the while, nature is laughing, brewing up a hurricane for the ages whose arrival as the final part of the book is as terrifying as anything you could want to read.

Lorde told Apple Music that her third album was born out of her time being raised outdoors, by the beach and in the ocean. But it wasn’t until she got a dog that she understood how precious the natural world is and how many gifts there are for someone like her to receive. “Solar Power” is an album to kick back on a summer day. It consists of meditations on celebrity culture and the wellness industry, alongside sorrow for the destruction of the natural world. And no, it’s not a climate change album. Listen now on Apple Music or Spotify. 

Anyone who remembers the 1980s will feel a sense of nostalgia while watching the Netflix series. The ensemble cast includes Jennifer Grey, Allison Lanier, Josh Meyers and Paul Reiser, while the show balances lighthearted comedy with genuine emotion.

It’s the summer of 1985, and college student David lands a summer job as assistant tennis pro at the elite Red Oaks Country Club in New Jersey. He rubs elbows with the wealthy clientele and his fellow employees. The show follows the characters and their backstories in a hilarious hyperbole of ’80s hijinks. Summer won’t last forever, though, and David has some decisions to make as he eventually moves on to the Big Apple.

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