LISTEN | “Twain’s Feast”

Nick Offerman (“Parks and Recreation”) has a new Audible series out this month — “Twain’s Feast.” The centerpiece is an eight-course dinner featuring the favorite dishes of Samuel Clemens and a short list of fun guests, from Wanda Sykes to Jeff Tweedy. The installments cover a dish, and the cultural and environmental implications of each, interspersed with some readings of Clemens’ work.



WATCH | “Little Drummer Boy”

The 1969 version of “Little Drummer Boy” on YouTube harkens back to a simpler time with stop-motion clay modeling. (We love “The Grinch” as much as anybody, but we may need a break.) The story, narrated by Greer Garson, is a rousing tale of orphan Aaron’s adventures, culminating in joining the Three Wise Men and playing a song for the “babe” to heal his lamb. Pa rum pumpumpum.


This tool-slash-gadget looks like a Christmas miracle — a high-pressured car cleaner. It can clean hard and soft (seat or carpet) surfaces with two nozzles — a cone nozzle with an oscillating tip, or a brush nozzle. It works with an air compressor attached to a small plastic reservoir for special cleaning solutions (or water) and models are sold on or for about $40 each.

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