Two members of the Key West Police Department are acknowledged for their outstanding contributions to the department. Sgt. Pablo Rodriguez was named Officer of the Quarter, and Quartermaster Mike Lummis was named Civilian of the Quarter.

In his ten years with the Key West Police Department, Sgt. Rodriguez has always had an interest in the drug aspect of law enforcement. As a patrol officer, he made a large amount of drug arrests and convictions, which led to the seizure of drugs and money. In 2002, he was transferred to the Special Operations unit as a detective. There he has been involved in numerous successful covert and overt operations, making arrests of drug dealers and users that ultimately lead to prison terms. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2006, and currently supervises two units whose aim is to put a stop to the drug problem in the community.

Lummis was named Quartermaster nearly one year ago, and his business acumen has successfully reduced costs for many duty and uniform items used by the department. He also effectively controls costs by closely monitoring equipment and supplies issued to department members.

Both men were presented checks in recognition of their contributions to the Police Department. Dave Taylor, owner of the Cypress House guesthouse, donated and presented the awards.



Cypress House Proprietor Dave Taylor joins Key West Police Department Quartermaster Mike Lummis, Sgt. Pablo Rodriguez and Chief Donie Lee as Rodriguez and Lummis were recognized and presented awards for their contributions to the department.


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