The stage is already being set for Spring Break 2010 Key West! This year, Victoria’s Secret will be presenting a 12-hour PINK fashion show. The show is set to take place Thursday, March 11. But, not everyone is tickled “pink” over the event. Don Sullivan works during the Sunset Celebration as a Cultural Preservation Society member. He claims the Spring Break season belongs to the actors, artists, and performers, not a company from New York pushing hoodies, tee’s and tanks.

“That’s our season,” Sullivan addressed the dais, “and March 11 comes along, one of our bigger days, and we get to go home?”

Sullivan shared the statistics. 2,000 tourists show up to see the sunset, “not a fashion show,” and it just “isn’t fair,” to get rid of the celebration to those who have worked hard to make it a world-renown event.

PINK is the number one line of lounge and collegiate gear in the country. Launched in 2004, PINK is a fully articulated lifestyle collection for young women, and features 60 colleges and universities across the country, including the Gators, Seminoles, University of Miami, even University of Central Florida. Appropriately just added to the line, Texas Tech and the Red Raider. The “Be True to Your School,” line also showcases lipgloss, lotion, comforters, pillows, and laundry bags.

Everything a college girl could want.

Commissioner Barry Gibson noted the PINK crew won’t be selling any food.

“This is purely just a show and a give-away, which should not impact any businesses per say,” he assured Sullivan and others concerned; including, the directors, actors, potential audience at the Waterfront Theatre, who for that night, will be treated a show, showing less attire than the Victoria’s Secret models.

The curtain is set to open for the Full Monty at 8 pm. 

Another note, an undisclosed band is scheduled to provide the rhythm and the beat to excite the crowd of co-eds and the guys sure to stroll off Duval for a peek at the PINK.

“I’ve been contacted from members of the Waterfront Playhouse. They have their play dates set up months in advance. This is impacting their organization and we have to have more consideration for this,” advised Commissioner Teri Johnston.

Legally the city is allowed to use Mallory Square for 30 days during the calendar year. Typically, they have the key spot booked for 12. In 2009 the same show was cancelled due to the Swine flu outbreak.

Not many details are spelled out in this year’s agreement, making the event a hard one for managers and dad’s to wrap their heads around.

“There’s going to be a fashion show, showcasing the PINK line of product,” city manager Jim Scholl does reiterate. “Does that mean anything to you,” he asked The Weekly. “I’m sure my college aged daughter would know what that means.”

The commissioners anonymously approved the fashion show and give-away for 8 am – 8 pm.

“I don’t know anything about the supermodels,” remarked Commissioner Gibson when asked whether or not Victoria’s Secret would bring out their most famous faces, like Tyra Banks and Giselle Bündchen. “I sure hope so.”

City Commissioners also approved construction work to begin on North Roosevelt Boulevard in the Fall of 2011. City Commissioners are trying to have the start date moved up to April. Construction will last approximately 800 days.


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