Beatin’ the Heat with 26 Flavors

Story and Photos by Josie Koler and Blair Shiver

Ice, ice, FLAVORED ice, baby! Just as the mercury starts to climb, a super summertime snack to cool off the community has arrived in Marathon.

Elementary school teachers Richard Mangel and Erin Voelliger, along with the help of their solid support staff – Zoe, 11; Savannah, 5; and Hailey, 3 – have come up with a melt-in-your-mouth treat to keep you from melting on the street. It’s called “Paradise Water Ice,” and comes in 26 flavors; including, Cherry, Lemon, Lemon Lime, Grape, Watermelon, Tie-Dye and even Mokaccino.

“Tastes just like a creamsicle,” Zoe pledged to The Marathon Weekly of the Orange Vanilla combo at the recent Battle in the Bay Dragonboat races at Sombrero Beach.

Having grown up in Atlantic City, NJ, Richard said he had fond memories of his father taking him down to the boardwalk and the beach in the steamy summer months for a cool treat. When on a recent return trip home with Iowa native Erin and her daughter, Zoe, in tow, Richard couldn’t wait to share this old familiar favorite with his family.

“I remember going to grab water ice with my family, and I wanted to have something that the kids could come to,” he explained of his new venture.

Just a few weeks prior, a freezer truck arrived from an Italian Water Ice factory in Pennsylvania with 144 tubs of the new yummy treat.


“We’ve got it all stored right here ready to go,” Erin laughed one recent afternoon, waving her hand at the huge storage freezers in their new location on 107th Street and Aviation Blvd.

“We wanted to bring something for families to come to together,” he continued, further elaborating on his choice of location in an industrial storage space. “The original venture was just to do vending, but we found out we could put the picnic tables outside.”

The trio debuted their polar-like product at this year’s Dragonboat Festival. A little Pina Colada ice was just what paddlers needed to refresh after the race. The Water Ice also comes in two sugar-free flavors. Paradise Water Ice has been available at recent little league baseball games, and they hope to establish a post at Sombrero beach this summer.

“We really just wanted to have a family business,” Erin reasoned. “We also sell flavored popcorn, water, and sodas!”

Paradise Water Ice will be available Monday through Sunday from 5 – 10 pm and on Saturday from 11 am – 2 pm at their location on 107th Street.



Pictured, l-r, are: Hailey Mangel, Zoe Voelliger and Savanah Mangel.




Paradise Water Ice debuted at this year’s dragonboat festival early this month.



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