Bob Thomas
Age: 64
Hometown: Key Largo
Years in the Keys:  8
Education: B. S., Aeronautical Science, Cum Laude, MEC, Embry Riddle Aero. U., Daytona          
Current and/or previous occupation: Airline Pilot, semi- retired
Family:  Wonderful wife, four sons, 10 grandchildren

Please explain the most pressing issue in your term.
The budget and how it is applied is of paramount importance. I firmly believe that we all should pay a fair amount in taxes – it’s how those funds are distributed or spent that concerns me. In this time of diminished tax revenues, austerity, & selective cost cutting is crucial. 

This can be accomplished while also keeping the best possible level of service for the community.  The MCB is doing a good job of keeping mosquitoes in check, but in true bureaucratic fashion, they are requesting a great deal more of tax payers’ money to do the same type of job.  I’m convinced that this can be accomplished with close to the same amount spent in recent years, without the major increases requested by the Director.

The cuts should start at the top & be applied throughout the entire MCB with intelligent precision while continuing the best efforts humanly possible to keep mosquito borne diseases at bay.

I bring common sense and a pragmatic, evenhanded approach, tempered with logic.



Jack Bridges
Age: 42
Hometown: Montgomery, Ala. and Savannah, Ga.
Years in the Keys: 9
Education: Law School at The University of Dayton, 1996; Baylor University, 1990.
Current and/or previous occupation: General practitioner attorney dealing primarily with transactional items related to business and real estate litigation, probate, family and criminal law. Prior to going out on my own, I worked for Russell H. Cullen of Key Largo, one of the most respected attorneys in Monroe County.
Family: My family resides in Alabama.  My mother, a homemaker, and sister, who is a registered nurse, live in Headland (near Dothan, in the southeast corner of the state).  My father, who is a businessman, splits his time between Mobile and Birmingham.

Please explain the most pressing issue in your term.
I have thought about running for Mosquito Control for some time. After moving to the Keys in 2001, I had the pleasure of working for Vernis & Bowling, the law firm that represents the Board of Commissioners. 

Currently, I serve as Chairman of the Board for the Rural Health Network. I’m also serving as Master of Florida Keys Lodge 336, Free and Accepted Masons in Tavernier and as a member of The Florida Bar Grievance Committee. 

If elected, my top priority will be to put the taxpayers back in control of Mosquito Control. In short, we must accomplish Mosquito Control’s vital mission of combating mosquitoes and mosquito-borne illnesses in a way that makes financial sense.

It’s my experience that those in government sometimes start spending public money with less care than they would spend their own, ignoring the fact that somebody, somewhere has to pay for all of it. 

I’m tired of Mosquito Control arrogantly spending my money without regard to the fact that it is, well, mine. While I’ll never vote to cut the budget to the point that Mosquito Control can’t do its job, I will be as careful with the District’s money as I would my own.



Jose Felix Peixoto
Age: 49
Hometown: Ipanema, Brazil
Years in the Keys: 19 years
Education: Accounting Colegio Imaculada Conceicao – Brazil
Current and/or previous occupation: Self Employed (Construction and Maintenance)
Family: Wife Bianca Peixoto (School Teacher)
          Kids, Luana Peixoto (17) Southeastern University
          Bryan (12) and Annavera Peixoto (6) Key Largo School

Please explain the most pressing issue in your term.
I like to keep the mosquitoes and the diseases they transmit away from our community, but using the money of taxpayers wisely. We can not fail to upgrade our combat systems, we can not neglect the welfare of our employees, the maintenance of equipments, buildings, vehicles, airplanes, helicopters, but in economic times as difficult as now, all this should be done with moderation, so the tax burden that already is great do not be greater to the residents of this County. Being a resident of Key Largo for many years, I know the needs and demands of its residents and since I have got no lobbyist and political links with anyone, I believe that if elected, I can do a good job in favor of this community that I adopted 19 years ago.


Anthony (Tony) Gibbons
Age: 68
Years in the Keys: Moved to the Keys in 1994 from Atlanta
Education: John Carroll University: A.B. Sociology, Physical Ed.1967
Family: Divorced, three children, four grandchildren
Current and/or previous occupation: Mosquito Control; driver 1995 to 2007;
V.P. of Purchasing C.F.S. Foods Area Sales Manager Longmont Foods; Ember Brands Meats; Owned a restaurant in Black Mt. NC; Teacher Plantation Keys School: P.E., Health, Athletic director 1997 to 2008; Upper Keys Little League Head Umpire 1995 to 1996 Mid Keys Officials Assoc.; Treasure, V.P. 1994 to present, Southern Umpires Assoc. of College Umpires 1981-89; Official in high school Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball and Volleyball.

Please explain the most pressing issue in your term:
Over the past twelve years, while employed as a Mosquito Control spray driver, I had quietly watched this poorly run operation grow into a highly organized and well-respected government agency. To witness this agency’s current regression in such a short period, due to lack of professionalism and focus on the priorities, are both disturbing and disappointing to me. This is why I am running for Mosquito Control Commissioner of District Five.

The primary focus for all the representatives of Mosquito Control should be to kill mosquitoes without over burdening the citizens of Monroe County with extremely excessive taxes. Unfortunately, this is not the primary focus for a few of the representatives within the agency, but it will be mine.

I can help protect us from mosquitoes without wasteful spending, needlessly increasing taxes, and administer Mosquito Control operations by ensuring they adhere to the policies set by the board – unanimously.




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