When in doubt call a cab. The simple suggestion Bikers Against Drunk Driving have rolled into Key West to promote. A town crawling with motorcyclists, bicyclists, cab driver, and motorists, they say they are needed here because there isn’t anything worse then waking up with a broken, or amputated leg, in jail, or worse… dead. The B.A.D.D. founder learned early in life there isn’t any mercy for motorcyclists.

“I lost a brother. He was 21 and was coming around a curve in Montreal where we lived, and was hit head-on by a driver who was eight times the legal limit.”

Danny Perkins recalls grief and being “pissed off,” when the driver who killed his brother received a six-month sentence.

“I remember looking for him with a Louisville Slugger, and I couldn’t find him.”

Three years later, Danny was creamed by a crocked cab driver.

“He was blind-drunk. I was in fourth gear, probably doing 60 MPH and he hit me head-on. The person had said, ‘take a left here,’ and boom. All I saw were headlights and I woke up four months later asking for Captain Crunch,” Perkins shares his chilling account.

He remembers a lot of political commotion to change the drunk-driving laws, but noticed there wasn’t anyone doing a lot for the victims who often faced legal and insurance hassles. While working as an independent memorabilia expert for the Hard Rock, he decided to do something.

“Today this is my main focus. We have a national law firm to take care of all of the victims and we also help with mortgage payments, skin grafts, money for taxi rides, and meds,” he explains.

“I do a lot of road shows and coordinate a lot of the events,” mentions Perkin’s partner in the quest, Lynn Ricks. “We aid motorcyclists who have been injured by automobiles.”

82%  Motorcycle Accidents Aren’t Motorcyclists’ fault
48.8%  Involve Alcohol

* According to B.A.D.D.

“We’re not anti-drinking,” Ricks clarifies, “we just don’t want people drinking and getting behind the wheel of a car.”

B.A.D.D. has parked their purpose in Key West because the island is “party central.”

“You have drunks left and right, you have bikers everywhere, you have bicycles, and scooters, you need us,” Ricks says reminding us of a recent HWY 1 tragedy. “We weren’t unpacked yet and four people died in Marathon.”

To help offset the financial blow victims often face, B.A.D.D. is selling raffle tickets for $1 a piece at the Hard Rock on Duval and the Sun & Fun t-shirt shop across from Starbucks. The top two grand prizes will pick between a ’65 Cobra with a matching Harley and a 1937 Hudson with a bike in the back. Other Harley’s and a couple of vintage trucks will be auctioned off at the end of Bike Week 2010 in Daytona Beach.

“When in doubt call a cab. We don’t want somebody dying on the streets because they thought, ‘I’ve only had one beer too many. I can handle it,’ and wake up in jail because they killed somebody. Those are the tragedies were’ trying to avoid,” supplies Rick.

“I went through a lot of hell,” Danny remembers. “Now, I’m giving bikes away. It feels good to help the victims.”



This ’68 Cobra will be raffled off with a matching Harley on Sunday, March 7, to mark the end of Bike Week in Daytona Beach. “We do it live, in front of a crowd,” promises Ricks. “We make it a show!” Cobra



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