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  “I wear jeans, boots, and t-shirts,” is what Frances Strauss tells us about her attire atop her, or her boyfriend’s Harley.

Frances works in an office during the day, but by night this Middle Keys professional wants to stay polished and lady-like when perched atop her bike.

Barrie Smith doesn’t hesitate about her hair. A helmet over a bandana and leather jacket, boots, and gloves is her standard biker garb.

“Mostly of the Harley brand,” she discloses. “My brother manages a dealership.”

All reasons why Harley Davidson has integrated a new position onto the sales floor: Motorclothes Manager. Women simply want to feel like women when they’re riding atop a masculine machine.

  “Ladies want to look cute and sexy. They want the fashion. They don’t like the t-shirt like the guys have,” says Peterson’s Harley Davidson Rental/Inventory Manager Tracy Morehead. “Harley has gone out of its way to cater to women riders to make sure the clothes are comfortable and suit their styles.”

The classic black and orange colors aren’t the only shades they’re sportin’ as merchandisers and concept developers have feminized and embellished old-school styles to cater to women. Nearly all women riders head in for jeans, boots, and tank tops.

“We do promote safety,” stresses Morehouse. “Even though it’s hot here, we promote light jackets. You never know when there might be an emergency, and we do not promote they ride in flip-flops.”


This lady doesn’t just sell the gear, she sports the cool clothes. Beth Leone has been riding for seven years.



Beth Leone, motorclothes manager for Phil Peterson’s Harley Davidson is dressed in the “Pink label” line of motorclothes which benefits Breast Cancer Network of Strength. 
• performance eyewear with pink bling accents
• pink & flowers half helmet
• layering tank, pink
• black leather riding jacket
• leather hip bag with pink bling accents
• black leather with pink stitching full finger gloves  
• black leather knee-high riding boots

Event coordinator and administrative assistant for Phil Peterson’s Brenda Bastos wears the “Miss Enthusiast” line: 
• bling Skull performance eyewear
• black with pink racing stripe half helmet
• black leather vest with pink H-D embroidery
• black leather chaps with pink racing stripes
• black leather & pink fingerless gloves
• black leather ankle lace-up riding boots


No one will tell me what kind of bike I can ride. You should just feel like you should do anything. While riding I found I could do anything. ~ Tracy Morehouse of Peterson’s Harley Davidson in Miami.



Barrie Smith secures her gloves and shares her sentiments with the Key West Weekly, “Harley is almost like a cult thing. There may be bikes that are faster, but people that ride Harleys won’t ride anything else.”




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