Sample These Tunes This Weekend


This week’s mainstreaming offers three tunes to sample while cruising U.S. 1 over the weekend. So open your windows, your mind, and jam out to something new.

San Marcos — by Brockhampton

Sure, Brockhampton calls themselves a boy band, but before you rule them out based on the stigma, know these aren’t your typical choreographed song and dance kind of guys. The San Marcos, Texas-based group began in 2015 and has liberated the traditional constraints of boy band mythology. If you don’t believe us, download their song “San Marcos” and take a sentimental journey through hip hop and vocal mastery. Need more? The song was recorded with the London Community Gospel Choir for the spiritual and unconventional outro.

Burn the Witch —by Radiohead

Yeah, Radiohead is huge, and we aren’t breaking barriers by mentioning them here. In fact, they are a 2019 nominee for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (and it will be robbery if they don’t get selected). But their song “Burn the Witch” came in 2016 off of the A Moon Shaped Pool album. The song, which took more than 10 years to perfect, was also nominated for best rock song at the following Grammy Awards. To make it a bit cooler, many believe the song was all about revolting against authoritarianism — during a time when, perhaps, we could do with a bit less conformity.

Like a Baller — by Wilson (explicit)

Like a Baller is not a song to play when the kids are in the back seat. But when you feel like “balling” out, this is the song that will have your head bobbing. Wilson stays true to their Detroit rock roots with heavy electric overtones and plenty of rock & roll attitude. The song is off their newest album, Tasty Nasty. And for an additional treat, with plenty of humor, check out the song’s music video. You won’t be disappointed.

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