The “deal” started innocently enough. Three young men asked Mike Mongo, for a dollar outside of Johnson’s Grocery in Bahama Village. He gave them an option. Take the dollar, or hold out for something “better in the future.” Two of those young men took him up on the offer on two of Mike’s conditions. 1.) They had to earn good grades, meaning all A’s and B’s to end the school year, and 2.) Treat their parents with respect and listen to them. In return, they’d get new computers intended to help them out with their school work.

This week, 10-year old’s Ziyah Jefferson and Jalen Matthews, cashed in on the bargain. They were presented with refurbished Dell computers at Johnson’s Grocery. Jefferson is going in to sixth grade at Horace O’Bryant. He says he’ll use the technology to conduct internet research and wants to be a basketball player when he grows up.

“Like social studies reports and projects, I’ll use the computer. Math is my favorite subject,” Jefferson says.

His buddy Jalen, wants to be a basketball player, too, and most likes to study math.
Mike has taken his interaction to teach them, being a basketball player or any sports star for that matter isn’t a realistic career expectation, and he’s convinced them to set their sites on other work they enjoy. Both boys are now looking into construction.


The computers are appropriately outfitted with now retro, “Mongo for Mayor,” bumper stickers.




Mike Mongo with Ziyah Jefferson, Jalen Matthews, and B. Johnson, the owner of Johnson’s Grocery.




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