The Key West Police Department is in its final stages of one of the department’s largest open air drug sales operations in its history. Operation Restore Hope began approximately seven weeks ago and has resulted in over 41 arrests or arrest warrants being issued for individuals suspected of selling drugs or attempting to purchase drugs, primarily in the Bahama Village area.
Detective Sergeant Pablo Rodriguez fronted the project, “The whole drug issue is, it isn’t a victimless crimes. The selling, the using… destroys families and creates other ongoing crimes such as thefts, burglaries, and violence.”

Detective Sergeant Rodriguez says this crime in Key West’s Bahama Village has been “going on forever.”

“There are murders over it,” he solidifies. The last murder was over drugs. The drugs bring everything including misery.”

Since December the Key West Police have been attending Bahama Village community meetings, to which responsive neighbors encouraged the police efforts.

“They’re very happy they’re very happy to have officers they know, know them, by first name. Also, that we’re committed to help them. It’s the partnership we have with the community, the businesses and business owners.”

The operation involved the department’s Special Operations Unit and TIF officers in Bahama Village. Unfortunately, according to police, there absolutely is a direct correlation between drugs, fights, homicide and crime.To hear Police Chief Donie Lee’s comments click on the video portal.

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