This week we highlight the fall sports teams and coaches in the
Keys. To gather the interviews, insight, and photographs we
descended onto the high school campuses, ducked onto the pool decks,
and smelled the sweat of 2-a-days! We even drove golf carts in our
high-heels in the mid-day heat to track down the tiny Tyger’s teeing
up for Fall ’09.

These student athletes deserve more recognition
than we can give them in these pages. Capturing the rigorous
training and devotion of an athlete proves even difficult with a
camera and microphone.

In the competitive sports arena, even at
the high school level, one has to go all out because there is
someone waiting to kick your butt.

This week The Key West Chamber
of Commerce hosted a Showcase of business. You can tell which
business owners are ready to compete. Who’s ready to give their all
for the community.

The lessons learned in sports transpire into
every facet of life past high school graduation. Achievement
requires teamwork, combined with individual drive. Persistence pays
off, and old-fashioned sweat is good for mind and body.

Fall is
almost here. Election season is upon us. No matter your profession,
no matter your role, do you really want to be standing around
flat-footed when the ball’s hit your way? If you want something bad
enough; whether the mark be the mayor’s office, a record-breaking
catch, the state cross country title, a position on Leadership
Monroe, or to be next year’s cheerleading captain, you have to dig
deep to get it.

Josie Koler is the Key West Bureau Chief. She can
be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

CSHS Sports Preview Overview
of Fall Sports
By Margie Smith

At Coral Shores, there are several fall sports whose seasons are
getting underway.

Men’s and Women’s

We have had a very successful swimming program at Coral Shores and
that seems destined to continue. This year we have a new head coach
for the men’s team: multiple Olympic gold medalist Jon Olsen. We
have returning students that participated in the districts last
season, and many have been training hard all summer.

Mens and Women’s

After being without a formal dive coach for two years, Founders Park
has made available an experienced instructor and former college
athlete Joe Greenwald. He’ll be working with the coral shores divers
while also hosting international and out of state athletes and also
doing private instruction for kids as young as six. Two promising
Hurricane divers are Megan Miller and Julia Lazano. Megan, a Junior
competed at the state championships last November and has been
diving with a club team hosted by University of Miami year round.
Mr. Greenwald has been a long time advocate of aquatics and
homeowner in Islamorada, moving here full time only now to help us
open up opportunities for the students and fully utilize the
facilities we have.

Women’s Varsity and JV

The Volleyball team has held open gym all summer for any students
interested in coming out and they have had lots of participation.
Though the team graduated 8 girls who played last year, staff has
cultivated a corps of solidly skilled players, and with a good
number of younger players, they have the depth to be selective. The
roster which is being put together this week includes four returning
varsity players that have been in the program for four years: Holly
Given, Chelsea Russell, Lauren Sanchez, and Tianna Morton. The team
made district finals a couple of years ago, and they remain focused
on a good showing at this year’s state finals.

Men’s Varsity and JV

According to Athletic Director Richard Russell, “we are anxiously
anticipating football as the focal point of our [fall sports] program that brings our community together every Friday night for
games. “ The kick off classic will take place August 27th at
Archbishop Curley High School. Hurricanes football is starting into
their 45th year of football at Coral Shores and players and fans
alike are looking forward to the homecoming game October 23rd
against Doral.

Cross Country
Men’s and Women’s

The women’s team has exciting potential this year after coming off
of sophomore Joanna Mc Coy’s bid for the state championship last
year. Many runners have been training all summer to prepare for this
season. A top veteran on the men’s team Dylan Valdez is out due to
knee surgery. However, junior Jonathon Bogue has a chance to be top
3, while Joe Wear is a returning sophomore with potential according
to Captains Will Mulkeen and Storm Mendez. Both teams are focused on
getting 7 runners to state this year.

Mark your calendar to come out and support our Hurricanes at
upcoming home games!

Swimming and Diving:
District Championship (Jacobs Aquatic Center) Wed. Oct 7th at 5pm
First Home Meet (Founders Park) vs. Doral/Key West/ Belin Wed. Sept.
9th at 3pm

First Home Game (Barley Stadium) vs. Key West Sept. 11 at 7:30 pm

Homecoming Game (Barley Stadium) vs. Doral October 23rd at 7:30 pm

First Home Tournament Preseason Classic (CSHS) Friday August 28th at
4pm, 5pm & 6 pm. Finals: 7 pm.
District Finals (CSHS) Friday October 30th at 6pm

Cross Country:
First Home Meet (CSHS) vs. Marathon September 29th


CSH Volleyball

CSHS Senior Chelsea Russell has been playing volleyball since 7th
grade. When asked about her goals, she responds “ This is the first
year that I am playing club teams in Miami. I want to be seen by
college coaches, so I am not playing soccer or other sports this
year.” Associate coach Chad Gardner says “Russell is a better player
than anyone we’ve ever had here, and we’re fortunate to have another
exciting player coming behind her, junior Patrice Johnson who is
hoping to get a scholarship in basketball. “ Russell’s dream
scholarship opportunity would be “UF because I love that school,
campus and town.”

CHS Football
Johnny Munshower

Johnny Munshower, a Junior at Coral Shores is the varsity football
team quarterback. He spent the last few years traveling on a boat
according to coach Kelly Clark. “This is the first time he has
played football, but he works hard and he’s very coachable. “” I was
12 when I left so I was too young to play football. I played
baseball all my life. I tried out because I have always wanted to be
a quarterback.” His goals for the year? “To win a couple of games,
throw few interceptions.” He’s also hopeful that more underclassmen
come out for football.

CHS Cross Country
Andrea Cockerham

Andrea Cockerham ,captain of the Women’s cross-country team sees a
lot of potential for this year. The team’s goal she explains is “to
send seven girls to state .” emphasizing that though competitive,
her teammates have fun. Her own goal is to make it to state
individually. Joanna Mc Coy, a sophomore, did very well at the state
finals last year and is expected to easily qualify individually. “We
have a young team, with lots of newcomers.” Storm Mendez, returning
Men’s team captain encourages committed freshman to come out as they
hope to grow the team for a shot at state finals.

Island Christian Sports Preview
By Margie Smith

Island Christian School has an exciting fall sports season coming
up, as they are both starting 6 man tackle football for the first
time and will for the first time have the use of their newly
constructed Family Life Center for a variety of sports that were
previously played only outside. This long awaited facility will
enable ICS to host many home games and tournaments this season, and
they are encouraging the community to come out and be a part of
these events.

According to Athletic Director and head football coach Robert Lucas”
The Florida High School Athletic Association dropped men’s fall
soccer due to the rule that a minimum of 32 schools participate, yet
only 24 schools fielded teams.” To fill the resultant gap in their
own sports line up, ICS has formed a six-man tackle football team.

Find sports schedules as they are updated at

Jennifer Subic
Jennifer Subic is a senior at Island Christian School and captain of
the Volleyball team. She was born in Miami and raised in the Keys.
This is her 15th year attending ICS, starting at grade3K. Her goal
for the team for this fall is for her team to be a team. “Last
year’s soccer team was tight knit and I want that for this year’s
team too.” An advantage to playing at ICS is playing time. “It’s
smaller, so if you want to play you can play. A younger athlete who
has never played before may be starting here.” Subic is also very
excited about having the new indoor gym, as is Volleyball Coach
Cheryl Yost. After 13 years of coaching outside and having to cancel
due to rain, ICS will host several matches including the early Bird
tournament August 28th and the district finals in late October.

Cross Country

After running Keys100 back in May, cross-country coach Mike Lettau
took a break from running for the summer. With a minimal summer
workout schedule, he instructed his team to do the same.

“I don’t think it’s good for you to run in the summer,” the
third-year coach said.

As his young female squad returns this school year, practices and
training will begin in earnest next week.

He’s looking to Kelsey Wunderlin and Naomi Valerdi to be top
contenders certainly headed to state competition. The team’s makeup
is a considerably young, and Lettau said that is a significant
benefit for the program.

Last season, the boys’ squad was made up of the MHS soccer team.

“We didn’t initially think we were going to have a team, but they
came out last year to stay in shape, and I think they wound up
having a lot of fun,” Lettau said.

Lettau will be supported by first year coach and history teacher Jim

Varsity football head coach Lance Martin is heading into his eighth
year with hopeful visions of a district championship on the radar.

Two-a-days began last week as part of solid preparations for the
team’s season opener against Pompano Beach High School on Friday,
Aug. 28 in Marathon at the Kickoff Classic beginning at 7:30.

Fifteen seniors will lead the Dolphins toward their goal in the
coming weeks. Martin said two particular standouts include Thomas
Ryan, who has already gotten verbal commitment from Vanderbilt
University as well as starting quarterback Nyron Ross, who is
heading into his third year leading his team.

Martin’s anticipating a particularly tough four-game stretch against
KWHS, CSHS, Dade Christian and Parkland Academy, but fortunately the
Dolphins will have a home field advantage in the series.

Pictured (l-r) are Ryan, Coach Martin and Ross.

Even with limited practice space available in Marathon, golf coach
Kevin Freeman has had his players out on the driving range at
Sombrero Country Club as often as possible.

This season, Freeman is basically starting from scratch as four
senior players graduated last year. The team will be made up of
three freshmen, two eighth graders and one seventh grader.

“We’ll basically be a junior varsity team competing against varsity
teams,” Freeman explained.

He opted to schedule only eight matches for the coming season in
order to fit in as much practice time as possible.

“I’m really planning on them taking this year to improve their game
and get stronger for future seasons,” Freeman said.

The MHS golf team will open their season against Key West High
School Sept. 14.

Sarah Maschal, head coach for both the girls and boys swim teams at
Marathon High, is excited about a significant change for the
athletic program this year.

For the 2009-2010 school years, sixth grade students are now welcome
to participate in individual sports like swimming. Maschal said this
new opportunity is going to help build a strong feeder program for
the coming years.

“Any and everyone is welcome to join the team,” Maschal said. “I’m
willing to work with anyone who wants to come out.”

Swim practice just started this week, and Maschal said she has high
hopes for the girls’ team to advance to regionals.

“Most of the team has been with me for three years, and they’re good
strong competitors,” she said.

After graduating four senior swimmers last season, the boys’ squad
is all new and consists primarily of freshmen and juniors.

Team captain and lone senior Acacia Grube has been on the Lady
Dolphins swim team since seventh grade. She said she’s really
looking forward to this season’s upcoming meets.

Volleyball head coach Anthony Green, like many of the other team
coaches, is working with a majority of young new players this

While the varsity squad has five new members on the squad, five
senior athletes will be leading the team this year. Green said the
varsity girls have been playing together for several years now, so
he’s anticipating a strong showing from them, while the junior
varsity squad is welcoming eight new players. The strong, cohesive
team play the varsity squad has shown in the past two weeks of
practice is a great model for the younger squad.

The girls’ volleyball team will travel to Tavernier for the Coral
Shores Classic on Thursday, Aug. 27 against county rivals CSHS and

Green encouraged the community to come out and support the MHS
girls’ volleyball squads.

“Community support for the teams is really great for these girls,”
Green added.

Senior Shelby Kuck and Junior Michelle Sardinia agreed practices for
the upcoming season are revealing a powerful team spirit.

“I’m really looking forward to this year,” Sardinia said of her
first year on the varsity squad.

Pictured (l-r) are Kuck, Coach Green and Sardinia.

Key West
Conch Cross Country

Going the Distance to Qualify for State

Coach Terence White
A sweat-soaked Terence White, in his 3rd year as coach, pulls up a
chair outside of the high school sports medicine clinic to tell The
Weekly about training long-distance athletes. He’s just logged six
miles with his runners.

“First we have to get everyone’s lungs ready, do some core
exercises. Once we have everyone in good cardiovascular shape we’ll
incorporate more specialized, more intense training.”

The Boston man attests this is “the best shape” the team has been
in. So, prospects look promising to secure a slot at state.

“We have a lot of strong runners, leadership, and the work ethic is

The Conch cross-country teams first meet is in mid-September for the
Fergusen Invitation in Miami.

Coach Terence White, who will have his team running about 40 miles
per week by the peak of the season, says his group of athletes is
really self-motivated this season. “I just get out of the way and
let them do their thing,” deliberately setting the schedule so
they’re competing against tough teams.

The Runners
Sophomore Morgan Nelson

Amidst a team of 30 runners, Morgan Nelson is the clear standout of
the ladies long-distance athletes. Conditioning all summer long,
Morgan has been logging runs up to ten miles long, five days a week.
She points to the “runner’s high” for motivation.

“The way I feel afterwards, after finishing a race… I always feel as
though I’ve achieved something, even if it isn’t my best time.”

Morgan relies on a diet of light food, “a lot of peanut butter,” and
fruits and vegetables to carry her to the finish line at the end of
the 5k course (3.1 miles). Her teammates are also a reason for

“I get pumped up with my team before a race and just stay hydrated.
That’s what we have to do!”

Sophomore Morgan Nelson will be trying to break the school record of
21:03 this year.

She’ll be leading the ladies this season. “She has a legitimate
shot, Coach Terence Brown says, “if she can better the time, the
others will follow.”

Zack Harden
Cross Country Captain

Senior Zack Harden has some “shaving” to do. The school record for
3.1 miles stands at a respective16:49. In 2008 his best time clocked
in at 17:04, giving him 15 seconds of time to loose on the
challenging surface.

“From 2007 to 2008 I dropped :23 off my time. This year, I’m hoping
to loose :30. So, not only will I break the school record, but my
goal is to be in the mid 16’s. If I get on a fast course, I think it
could happen.”

As captain, Harden also wants to lead his entire team to state. Last
year he qualified as an individual.

“It’s not the same. I want the whole team there in Dade City.”

He’s actually training less, so he doesn’t peak too early in the

“This year I’ve taken more time off. I definitely overworked last
year. We’re using different strategies and workouts to meet my

Carbohydrates are used to build up Harden’s energy days before a big
race. “I stay away from the fried foods,” the young man relays to
The Weekly, “and stay away from Coke. I just drink water and
Gatorade. “Winning is mostly mental, so I have to picture myself the
night before and just stay confident.”

The team
Zack Harden, Kieran Campbell, Morgan Nelson, Priscila Welzin, Jamel
McNeill and Cole McMullen line-up after clocking a six-mile practice
run. These cross-country runners know they’ll have to go the
distance to take on Ransom Everglades, the team always on top.

Key West High School Football

Ready to Suit Up, Once the Sweat from Two-a-Days Stops!

Coach Jerry Hughes
The summer schedule is grueling: practice is from 9 am to noon,
before regrouping on the field at 3:45 pm for another three hour

Bracing for the football season isn’t for the faint-hearted. Coach
Jerry Hughes wipes the sweat from his own brow, “with the full
uniform on and the temperature at 98 degrees, factor in the high
humidity, these boys are thinking about quitting.”

Don’t be disgruntled. The trend is decades old, and by the time next
Friday hits; the conditioning is over; the spark will be back.

“They’ll be ready by the time game time comes. We’ll have the
make-up requirements done and we’ll be there ready to put 15
coachable players on the field.

Coach Hughes
Coach Hughes, thinks the only answer may be an air-conditioned dome.

“They don’t like the heat. They think they’re the ones out here.
But, I can assure them, the sun doesn’t change between here and Dade

The Stand-Out Football Star
Senior Defensive Back Fryland Sanon
“I can run down any running back in the league. That’s what I like
to do.”

Opting to chase the offense down, versus scoring a touchdown, Sanon
says that defense is about speed and key in creating a championship

“I don’t quit.”

Speaking in short, convincing sentences, Fryland Sanon says he is
simply motivated and will not let the competition work harder than
he does at practice or during a game.

“I don’t have a rival. I’m out to beat them all. I don’t care what
team it is,”

He won’t be carrying the ball, but the defensive back chasing down
the ball carrier this season. Fryland Sanon averaged three tackles
and one sack per game last season and this year promises a fine
season. “I’m competitive. I don’t turn the lights on at the last

Key West Golf
Teeing up for 2010

Coach George Twyman

“Really this is a rebuilding year,” is what Coach Twyman is calling
the 2009 Fall golf season. “We plan on making a run for state in
2010. My expectations are for Junior Jack Lockwood to step up and be
the leader of the team and start shooting some good scores.”

The men had their first week of practice last week and right now
their first year coach is aiming to get them into a routine of just
being on the course.

“A lot of them have spent the summer on the driving range, so I have
brought them out to start doing some drills, mainly just playing.”

The guys have started walking the course, 9 holes everyday, to build
their stamina.

They’re focused on marking low strokes on their scorecard, not just
going out swinging their clubs on the course.

“I’m trying to instill, especially in the younger kids, if you have
a bad hole, just move on. This is going to be my hardest challenge
my first year coaching because the game is so mental.”

The first match is September 8 in Coral Gables for the Westminister
Invitational, an 18-hole game at the Biltmore Golf Course where
they’ll compete against ten teams.

Coach Twyman
Teeing up for his inaugural year as the Conch Golf Coach, George
Twyman plans to spend the season looking to build stamina and mental
focus. Then by 2010 the double-bogey scores will be marked more like

The Players

Jack Lockwood, Junior
Lockwood considers himself a “clutch putter.”

“Whenever I need to make a putt, I make it.”

Aside from that talent on the greens, Lockwood says he’s pretty good
with his irons, too.

He’s shooting for par or better this season , and spend this summer
preparing, even playing a few rounds with the Florida Gator’s golf

“My rival this year is in Miami, Chris Ingam of Gulliver Prep. I
just need to make more putts and give myself some space if I make a
bad shot.”

Lockwood, eyeing a putt on the green at Key West Golf Club, plans to
play in college.

“Anywhere,” he says. To make it through his junior season
successfully, he’ll take a cue from Tyger. “He takes ten steps on
the course after a bad shot, I’m going to do the same, so I stay in
the game mentally.”

Zach Kemp Senior
His short game, chipping and putting, is where the strengths lie
with senior Zach Kemp.

“I’m really psyched for this year. I’ve been playing a lot and
getting in a lot of practice. I just remember to keep my head down
and focus on taking my swing in a more upright position.”

Hit the ball long and down the fairway is one way Kemp will clean up
some victories for the Conch’s this fall. Plus, he claims he has his
mental game in check.

“I won’t be beating myself up over bad shots.”

Zach Kemp works on his strength, his short game, with his eye on
Miami. “Gulliver Prep has whooped on us before. We’re tired of it. I
also have it out for Landon Michelson who plays for Palmer Trinity.
He’s in Miami, too,” as he lays one up from the edge of “the beach”
at the KWCG.

Key West Conch Swim Team
Looking to Make Waves on the School Record Board

The Key West High swim team is returning record-holding athletes,
Seniors Max Kohler, Allesandra Hally and Essie Ford, who are all
captain, along with Clay Wagner.

Head coach in her 12 year, Lorie Bosco breaks away from the drills
to say she’s conditioning them intensely, pushing for up to 2,000
and 3,000 yards per practice.

“I think we’re going to make a show in the breast stroke. The
freestyle races and shorts sprints are always are strong races, and
the relays are where we come out on top.”

The girls from the ’08 season already broke the freestyle 200 and
400 meter relays. This year they want the school-medley-relay
record, which sits at a respective 2:09:14. Effie Ford is the senior
slated to make a new record for the 100-meter butterfly.

“Effie already has the record for the 100 backstroke, hopefully she
can get up there fr the 100 fly as well.”

Head Swim Coach for the Conchs Lorie Bosco has been with the program
for 12 years. She chats poolside with The Weekly. “Our athletes stay
active in other sports, so they’re always in shape.”

The Sharks
Alessandra Holly admits the chlorine wears out her hair and skin,
but that hasn’t stopped this senior swimmer from securing two school
records. She’s part of the 200 (1:51:23) and 400 meter (3:38:57)
free relay team.

“This year we’re looking to break the medley relay record.” Also, to
bring home a win against Coral Shores.

“They’re a really big team. We try our best every meet with them. I
admit I get really nervous because I don’t want to let my team down.
I just swim hard and hope my goggles don’t fall off.”

Alessandra Hally
Alessandra Hally is diving in off the blocks this year with two
school records already under her Speedo. But she’s going after at
least one more and a win against Coral Shores

Clay Wagner
Clay Wagner is the only swim team captain who doesn’t already own a
slot on the record boards, but he has goals of his own.

“Hopefully just beatin’ my own records, havin’ a lot of fun. We have
a cool team this year; it’s going to be a sweet season.”

Besides swimming being a fun sport Wagner enjoys the camaraderie
amidst all the chlorine, staying in shape, and de-stressing doing
the breast stroke.

“The record for the 100 meter breast stroke is 1:10:00. If I can
beat that, that’d be awesome!”

Clay Wagner is training intensely this year to capture a school
record in the 100-meter breaststroke.

Bump, Set, Spike!
Conch Volleyball Set for a Killer Season

Varsity Volleyball Coach Jessy Hulme

Conch Volleyball Coach Jessy Hulme served up the “ace” three years
ago to take the reigns as head coach, and has since been “setting
up” for this season.

“I got in with the 8 graders who are now sophomores and started
playing with them year round to make up for lost time. This year we
have one senior, three juniors, ten sophomores, and ten freshmen.”

The girls have been working hard conditioning, peppering and setting
up hitting lines.

Before Hulme, who comes from the most winning volleyball club in
Medina County, Ohio, the Lady Conchs played “gym class” volleyball,
where they rotated around the didn’t have positions. Now they are
adjusting to having a back row, a setter and hitters.

“If we get the ball up to the front row, you’re going to see some
exciting volleyball!”

The opening match is The Keys Classic. Key West, Marathon and Coral
Shores taking the court.

Jessy Hulme
To build her momentum, the Freshman English teacher first created
excitement about participating in the classroom. Jessy says the
energy has naturally transpired onto the court. “I can guarantee we
are going to have the best season Key West has ever seen for the

The coaches
They are Coach Michael Lockwood, Coach Corey Brindisi, Jessy, and JV
Coach Elise Filbrandt.

The Players

Jessica Bodmer
“Every coaches dream,” is how Junior Jessica Bodmer is described.

The bragging about Bodmer goes on.

“She’s versatile, and can do anything. Plus, she’s a good player.
She’s very coaches dream,” raves Jessy.

Bodmer is a Junior and 3-time letter winner. Pointing to transitions
and a new, positive attitude she claims every girl in kneepads is
now ready to win.

Playing around the court, Bodmer tells The Key West Weekly, “We’re
working hard, and ready to win!”

Laura Garcia
Sophomore and Varity’s Laura Garcia admits last year the team spirit
didn’t run very deep within Conch Volleyball. This year, they’re
“digging” another tune.

“We’re gonna be on top for sure. We have a team and we work together
as one. There aren’t any excuses.”

Shaniya Watson
A formidable opponent on the basketball court, Shaniya has been
recruited to take Conch Volleyball to new heights.

“She’s a big outside hitter,” Coach Hulme shares the set-up. “She’s
in the front and someone is going to have to be set up across the
net from her.”

“I think I’ve gotten a lot better from last year,” Shaniya, one of
Key West’s star female athletes, shares her thoughts with The
Weekly, “I was shy, but now I’m ready to bring it!”

The Hitters
Jessica Bodmer, Shaniya Watson, Brittany Price and Laura Garcia will
be the leaders on the Conch Volleyball roster for the 2009 season.
They are touted as the team’s power players who can connect with the
ball every time.Volleyball

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