WATCH | Wayne

If you’re a fan of Deadpool, you’re a fan of Wayne, a one-season TV show featuring a teenage vigilante on the run with his girlfriend (?) — it’s violent and funny. The pair are on a pilgrimage from Massachucetts to Ocala, Florida to recover Wayne’s late father’s Trans-Am. Every character — from the girlfriend’s dad (Dean Winters) to the police chief (Stephen Kearin) — are well drawn and original. The show’s creator is an unknown, Shawn Simmons, who teamed up with Deadpool producer Paul Wernick. Watch on Amazon.

LISTEN | Atomic Habits

Author James Clear writes about habits — how to master good habits and abandon old. His book details the systems for change, drawing ideas from biology, psychology and neuroscience for an easy-to-understand guide for the layman. Bonus: there’s a section devoted to how to overcome a lack of motivation and willpower. Listen on Audible.

BUY | Face masks

Everytime we see a swimmer pop out of the ocean wearing one of these, we’re tempted to scream like we’re being swarmed by aliens. After catching our breath, the igeniousness of this device is clear: the one-piece full face snorkel mask has lots of advantages, especially for beginning snorkelers. Available online.


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