“I was up in the main harbor in the shipping channel. We crossed paths. I wanted to get a grouper out of the ledge but I was worried about the Lionfish being there. So, I shot the Lionfish to get him out of the way.”

Lobster Lee Starling emerged from a harvest this week with more than a Grouper and Hogfish on the end of his spear. He harvested this 11” Lionfish in the Key West Harbor. The spines, so sharp, and loaded with venom, he was stung through these thick, green lobster gloves.

“The spine went right through the gloves. It was like big hypodermic needles. It stung and then started burning. I put my hand in the engine exhaust water. I’d drive a little ways then go back to the engine exhaust. Heat destroys the toxin. Then, I took Benadryl.

Starling got the Lionfish with his 48” Sea Hornet AB Biller spear gun he’s stripped. He shot it, pinned it down, and sliced its throat.

Lobster Lee used a spear gun, but some of the locals say these pole spears are perfect for killing Lionfish. Attach the spear tip, and go get’em before they eat everything in their path! Lionfish have no predators except humans, so treat your family to a Lionfish Feast tonight!


The Stainless Paralyzer Speargun Tip. This piece of weaponry boasts of 6mm hardened tips with barbs for stronger holds on your kill. Paralyzing action tends to subdue medium to small fish. Proved perfect for hunting around rocks, reefs, and wrecks!





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