Exclusive Interview: Mark Wahlberg speaks with Keys Weekly

Key West is no stranger to marquee celebrities. For decades, American presidents, writers, musicians and actors have sought refuge within the island’s vibrant landscape and iconic culture....

New business aims to make homes look their best

How many photos do you click through when browsing online for a hotel room, vacation rental or even a house to buy?

County approves road abandonment for Wreckers Cay project

Only three county commissioners were present for the July 15 vote that approved the county’s abandonment of a portion of Laurel Avenue on Stock Island to enable...

New location, new styles at Islamorada boutique

Having opened their new Islamorada boutique in November 2019, Jodi Mientkiewicz and Danielle Pierog closed the doors like other nonessential businesses in the Keys due to the...

Some non-essential businesses reopen; restaurants seat diners

Two sure signs that life is getting back to normal in the Florida Keys: the blue tape designating the one-way aisles has come off the floors in...

Local businesses, banks work feverishly to secure PPP money

What is PPP? Great question. The payroll protection program is a $350 billion slice of the $2.2 trillion CARES Act designed to buoy businesses during the pandemic...

What aid is out there and what’s coming

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world economy to a grinding halt and governments are taking unprecedented measures to stave off a global recession with massive aid...

Key West attorney talks Business Interruption Insurance

Two types of property insurance may help a business owner recoup some of the revenue lost during the COVID-19 crisis and closures, a Key West attorney said...
Coffee Roasters

Coffee-Making Couple Serves Up Rich Roasts

In 1996, Danny Ganim and Sharon Sealy met at culinary school in North Miami Beach, and it’s been smart quips and rich foods between them ever since....
The Steel Strawman Saving The Environment ‘One Sip At A Time’ - A man wearing a hat - Purple

The Steel Strawman Saving The Environment ‘One Sip At A Time’

At 77 years old, Ted Massinello is trekking up and down the Keys with steel straws and a “save the environment one sip at a time” slogan. Massinello,...