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A wooden bench sitting next to a beach - Smathers Beach

Nudity, European Tourism and Our Economy

Representatives of Florida Free Beaches want a clothing optional beach in Key West. Their goal is to section off a portion of Smather’s Beach with appropriate signage...
A couple of people posing for the camera - Sunglasses

Divers Report: Beatles’ Tunes Make Waves

Impersonators, of the Fab Four from Liverpool, suited up for the 25th Underwater Music Festival at Looe Key Reef. Area dive masters metamorphosed into John, Paul, Ringo...
A man standing next to a motorcycle - Florida Keys

Divers Report: Divers Dip into Calm Waters

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administrations National Buoy Data Center A weak ridge of high pressure will gradually lift northward this weekend. The approximate shoreward edge of the Gulf Stream...
A woman smiling for the camera - Florida Keys

Because Tan Lines are a Bitch

Saturday, July 11 a worldwide event will vie for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records. At 3 pm skinny-dipping enthusiasts will make a splash...
A man sitting on a table - Human behavior

Summer Youth Employment Program

Not all islanders are taking the summer to sit back and unwind. Some are taking advantage of a cutting edge program at Florida Keys Community College. The...
A person standing next to a body of water - Dry suit

Into the FKCC Dive Lagoon

SCUBA isn’t comparable to riding a bike. Once you stop, the skills, and perhaps you, can get lost at sea. So, when The Weekly Newspapers was offered...
A person swimming in the water - Free-diving

The Spiegel Grove: diving deep

Riding rolling, four-foot waves, I deflate my BCD and sink below the surface. Giving me the ‘ok’ sign, my patient dive buddy immediately greets me and subsequently plunges to...
A man sitting on a boat looking at the camera - Sunglasses

Sombrero Reef

Diving is a sweet way to ensure summer adventure. But, the sport takes willpower. A hard lesson’s been learned; when a trip is booked, do not indulge...

Community News

Public Speaking Boot Camp This is a hands-on Seminar hosted by the Marathon Jaycees. Attend if you want to: Learn how to manage anxiety associated when giving speeches,...
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The City of Washington Wreck and Ocean Conditions Report

Mask, Fins, Regulator, Dive! With the sinking of the Vandenberg, seven miles off the coast of Key West, there simply isn’t any time like the present to...