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Community News

Public Speaking Boot Camp This is a hands-on Seminar hosted by the Marathon Jaycees. Attend if you want to: Learn how to manage anxiety associated when giving speeches,...
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The City of Washington Wreck and Ocean Conditions Report

Mask, Fins, Regulator, Dive! With the sinking of the Vandenberg, seven miles off the coast of Key West, there simply isn’t any time like the present to...
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Outfitted for Ocean Adventures

This summer The Weekly Newspapers will take you beneath the surface of our shimmering waters to explore the wrecks, reef, and wildlife of the Florida Keys –...
Key West

Divers Submerge on Vandenberg Off Key West

KEY WEST, Fla.—A retired Air Force missile-tracking ship intentionally sunk to create an artificial reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary opened for public use Saturday. The...
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Ready Your Nitrox, Baby!

The General Hoyt S. Vandenberg was blown up and sunk seven miles south of Key West’s coast Wednesday. The event, hyped more than Super Bowl XLIII was...
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Into the FKCC Dive Lagoon

Arriving four years ago in Key West from Greenville, South Carolina, Patrick Vandenabeele says it’d be safe to say he was lost. “Some students and Florida Keys Community College...
A large boat in the water - USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg

Vandenberg Sink Date Set: May 27

The retired missile-tracking ship will be transformed into an artificial reef seven miles off Key West on May 27, said Jim Scholl, Key West’s City Manager and...
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All Keys Gas Service Explodes as Paddleboat Pursuit Champs

“Who ya gonna call? Gas Busters!” The chant echoed from around the seven-member crew and their duct-taped wooden paddleboat to the Saturday launch site off the dock at...

A Roll of the Die

A shriek erupted from the corner of the room and hysterical laughter ensued.  “I got three sixes… three sixes,” Jessica Lariz squealed with delight and astonishment from...

Island Currents 09-0321

Hernan Marin (left) talks with two Explorers from Osceola County as they all get ready for the Bike Race. Eugene Rihl jumps out of his canoe and pulls...