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Getting the facts straight - A man holding a book - Author

Getting the facts straight

Historian completes Hemingway chronology All Hemingway biographies are flawed, according to historian and author Brewster Chamberlain who recently published “The Hemingway Log: A Chronology of His Life and...
A plant growing in a tree - Walk on White

Bill Lorraine explores the art of sculpture

The Key West artist is branching out from his piano playing and composing interests with new medium Bill Lorraine has to be in the running for Key West’s...
A man looking at the camera - John L. Guerra

Key West journalist publishes novel of short stories – The tales centers on a...

John and I share a similar background in journalism and writing, and a certain sense of humor often seen between siblings and understood by few. His new...
A close up of a person wearing sunglasses - Tom Corcoran

Tom Corcoran, eclectic Key West character

I have been told that my portrayal of island life is darned accurate, so Keys residents enjoy seeing themselves through my characters. A lot of people from “up north” say that my descriptions warm them in winter and make them long for return visits to the Keys. Aside from that, I think my avoidance of clichés and my examples of island humor make folks want to keep reading the novels.
A man standing in front of a piano - Key West

Barry Cuda still pushin’ piano

I also love playing the Green Parrot. I think it is the most interesting bar musically on the island and in South Florida for that matter.
A man wearing a hat - Painting

In Their Own Words with Jonathan Woods

Key West is a great place to live for writers because of its great writer vibe created by its long literary heritage from Hemingway to Tennessee Williams and Elizabeth Bishop to Philip Caputo, Tom McGuane, John Leslie and Robert Stone, to name a few.
A man holding a racket - Professional boxing

Fight Night in Key West

Davis scores unanimous decision Dyah Davis scored a unanimous decision over Alfonso Lopez Friday to take the North American Boxing Federation's Super Middle Weight title. Davis, 30, of Boca...
A group of people standing around a table with a cake - Photograph

Chef only small in stature

Key West caterer kicks off cooking classes Jennifer Cornell grew up in Vermont accustomed to picking fresh vegetables from her mother’s garden for the family’s nightly dinner salad “My...

Pritam’s Parking Puzzle

Commission approves Old Town Resort This past Tuesday, developer Pritam Singh cleared the first bureaucratic hurdle in his quest to build a resort in Old Town Key West....
A man talking on a cell phone - Pat Dailey

Weekly Interview with Pat Dailey

Patrick Huston Dailey was born in Omaha Nebraska on March 4, 1941, but those facts are of minor significance. What is of major importance is his discovery...