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Key West police release armed robbery report

The July 18 police shooting of a suspected armed robber who fired first at deputies following a car chase to Big Coppitt Key started in front of...

Deputies shoot armed robbery suspect

An armed robbery that started Saturday afternoon in Key West ended a short time later on Big Coppitt Key near MIle Marker 10, when the armed suspect...

Five million secured for water quality

While the Florida Keys led the way in ridding leaky septic systems and cesspools, municipalities continue to wait for tens of millions in federal reimbursement. Following a...
Cleanup the Lower Keys

Making the Lower Keys Beautiful Again

Square Grouper bartender Lenore Baker used to spend her weekends relaxing on the boat at offshore sandbars – that is, until Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on her...
#DayTripping: Big Pine Key deer & No Name Pub - A deer standing in the grass - White-tailed deer

#DayTripping: Big Pine Key deer & No Name Pub

Big Pine and No Name Key are home to a special endangered species, Key Deer. People travel from all over the world to see the small animals....
#Column: What do tequila, government meetings, and Key deer have in common? - A close up of a sign - Logo

A guide to the local wildlife that doesn’t hang out in bars – Dangerous...

Visitors to our islands often notice that the various types of wildlife that inhabit these coral rocks are different that the species they have at home. No...

Community Heroes honored for contributions and volunteerism

Passion and altruistic dedication are just a couple of the traits shared by 75 volunteers who were recognized as “Unsung Heroes” at the Community Foundation of the...
A bicycle parked on the side of a road - Road Bike

Wounded Warriors to travel though Keys – Returning soldiers rehab on unique cycle trip...

On paper the Wounded Warrior Soldier Ride is a straight course, a line on a map, for former soldiers to follow from point A to point B....
A bunch of stuffed animals - Christmas lights

‘Tis the season for giving

This is the second year that the major players have banded together to make sure that every needy kid in the Florida Keys will receive one special...
A group of people sitting in the grass - Green

Lower Keys float-building club works hard to prepare for parade

For the past four years Christine and Steve Godlewski have been hosting their Lower Keys float building club at their home on Big Pine Key, to build...