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BUILDING, SUPPORTING AND EXCELING IN 2019 - A group of coral - Coral reef

CRF, Mote kick up restoration efforts in 2019

Sometimes, the news from the reef can feel heavy and hopeless. Between record coral bleaching, overuse of ocean resources, toxic runoff, and now a mystery coral disease,...
 - A group of people standing in the snow - Scuba diving

Mote’s new “Reef Revival” Program

Mote Marine Laboratory has partnered with Captain Hook’s Dive Center in Big Pine to put the tools for coral restoration into our hands. During the new “Reef...
Auto Draft - A close up of a flower - Stony corals

Spooky Corals! Zombie, Glowing and Chimera Corals at Mote ready for Halloween

Holidays in the Keys tend to be a mix of traditional and tropical, with Santas in Hawaiian shirts, boat parades for the Fourth of July and SCUBA...

Let’s Talk (Coral) Sex: Mote researchers tackle coral spawning asynchrony to make “coral babies”

Hanna Koch and her team at Mote’s International Center for Coral Reef Research and Restoration (IC2R3) facility on Summerland Key play coral matchmakers to help our coral...
 - A ship on the water - Water

Ocean Fest: For the Love of the Water

On Saturday, April 13, Mote Marine will be throwing its annual celebration of all things aquatic: Ocean Fest at Truman Waterfront Park. Mote is an independent, nonprofit...